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Atlas Bot

Connect your Bitbucket to Hangouts Chat

Autosync by Unito

Sync Bitbucket with the most popular project management tools to give PMs a bird's-eye view of projects and ongoing issues, or connect to other developer tools to collaborate with other teams seamlessly.

Awesome Graphs

Awesome Graphs adds graphs which let you visualise information about your repository, commits and committers.

AWS CodeDeploy

Add-on to deploy code from Bitbucket using AWS CodeDeploy

Bucket Board

Kanban-style board for your Bitbucket issue tracker.


Buddybuild is a continuous integration and deployment solution for all mobile app repositories hosted on Bitbucket.

Bugsnag Error Monitoring

Monitor the user impact of application errors and improve your code quality using Bugsnag with Bitbucket issues


CircleCI integrates seamlessly with Bitbucket, allowing professional teams to confidently build, test, and deploy their software

Class Diagrams by Lucidchart

Collaborate visually on a UML class diagram built directly from the source code in your repository.


Automatically add a CMS to any Jekyll or HTML site.

Code Dog

Automatic Pull Request Reminders for Slack


Codeanywhere is a collaboration platform for developers. Enabling them to share their files, folders or entire development environments to collaborate together in realtime. This add-on will install an "Edit in Codeanywhere" menu item in the sidebar for your Git repositories.


Codeship offers language agnostic and Clout Native Customizable CI/CD automation that speeds code changes into production. With flexible workflows, you have full control over build, test, deploy flows and notifications to support your team's unique way of building. Build more, wait less!


Instant coding environments. Unlock student potential with access anywhere to unlimited project workspaces, in a cloud IDE with pre-configured stacks & coding environments. This add-on will install an "Edit in Codio" menu item in the sidebar for your Git repositories.


Render CommonMark documents to nicely formatted HTML in the Bitbucket web UI. Supports CommonMark extensions like piped tables and strikethrough.


Visualization of contributions.


See how code changes impact your infrastructure

Deploy to Azure

Deploy directly to Azure App Service from your repo.


DeployHQ is a deployment service that allows you to deploy changes straight from your repository to almost any server.

Docker Hub

View the status of your Docker Hub repository and builds from your Bitbucket repository.


Add rich-text documentation pages to your repository.

File Viewer

Easily view your 3D models, geographic data structures, PDF and CSV files directly on Bitbucket pages.


Send Bitbucket updates into a Fleep conversation.


Let your codebase join the conversation. Get notifications from your Bitbucket for commit pushes, pull requests, pull request merges, and issues.

Instabug: Mobile Bug Reporting

Mobile app users and testers can report bugs in Bitbucket directly from your app


IronGit enables data-at-rest protection for Git with seamless integration without affecting your Git desktop workflow

Issues Batchify

Issues Batchify allows users to filter items by title, type, and priority, select multiple items, and update items' type and priority in batch.


Connect your Jira Cloud instance to Bitbucket for seamless integration of issues and code.

Kanban Board for Bitbucket

Kanban Board for Bitbucket is minimalistic Kanban board. This application is still work in progress and not considered production ready. I would recommend trying it out on smaller projects for now and please provide you feedback about what features you would like to seen in the future versions.

My Dashboard

Shows all your repositories information in one place.

Notebook Viewer

A FileView addon that renders ipython notebooks in the Bitbucket source view.


Sync your Bitbucket Cloud repository with PhraseApp


Light-weight issue tracking and agile boards for your Bitbucket projects. PHP PaaS is a powerful PHP cloud hosting solution with an optimized development-to-production workflow, enabling Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery for any PHP App. A staging environment can automatically be created for every single git branch you create on Bitbucket.

Probo CI

Quality assurance as a business process.

Pull Request Guidelines

Pull request guidelines is a checklist for your repos. It helps you and your team follow a common set of guidelines for development and for reviewing work. It's a mechanism to avoid making the same mistakes repeatedly and to follow the best practices in your team.

Quantify for Bitbucket

Quantify for Bitbucket. Skip the manual time tracking! Let the metadata from Bitbucket complement Jira ticket activity so Quantify can create accurate time sheets for your team automatically.


Seamless monitoring workflow with Bitbucket and Raygun

Recent Activity

Shows recent activity on browse repository screen.


Create a new release for your repository. Markdown is supported for release description.


High performance error tracking for web and mobile applications.


Continuous integration and deployment built for speed and simplicity.

Shippable CI/CD

Continuous integration and continuous delivery for Bitbucket Cloud. Commit, test, and merge your code confidently with Shippable for Bitbucket without the hassles of managing and maintaining a CI/CD platform.

Slack Notifications

Get contextual information about your repositories and take action without leaving Slack. Connect Slack with Bitbucket from the new Chat notifications page in your repository's settings. Once connected, you’ll be able to see repository updates, merge, comment or even nudge teammates on pull requests, and re-run failed Pipelines builds all from Slack.


Shows SonarQube statistics about a Bitbucket repository on the overview page.


Analyse your repositories on SonarCloud and use this application to display code quality results inside pull requests or in a repository widget.

Teamweek Button

Add pull requests as Teamweek tasks.

The Extension Wizard

Add links and content panels to Bitbucket without writing add-ons.

Time Spent

Flexible time tracking for Bitbucket Cloud

Time Tracker

Keep track of your time while working on project issues.


Help your software team plan and track work. The Bitbucket Power-up allows you to jump to Bitbucket by creating a link on your board, attach branches, commits, and pull requests to cards, and show the status of your pull requests, etc. from the front of the card.


Shows top trending repositories and developers in Bitbucket

Unity Cloud Build

Bitbucket's new Unity integration displays Unity Cloud Build results in Bitbucket. This allows you to select a commit or branch in Bitbucket and download any associated Windows/OSX/Linux executables, APKs, or IPAs, built from that commit.

Visual Studio

Microsoft Visual Studio integration with Bitbucket Cloud

WakaTime: Time tracking and code metrics

Fully automatic time tracking & metrics for programmers.

Wercker Pipeline Viewer

Visualize your Wercker YAML file.


Analytics and continuous feedback for software development teams.

WP Pusher

WP Pusher lets you install and update WordPress themes and plugins, directly from Bitbucket - even if your clients are using cheap shared hosting. If it can run WordPress, it can run WP Pusher. You can manage all your WordPress themes and plugins from one place, the dashboard, or enable Push-to-Deploy and have your code update itself automatically every time you push to GitHub or Bitbucket.


Zapier lets you receive new issues on Bitbucket from any other source you create them on, or make sure you trigger tasks, notifications, and records for new issues without any additional effort.