Git, your way

See what makes Bitbucket the Git solution for professional teams

Pull requests

Pull requests facilitate code reviews, resulting in higher quality code and an opportunity to share knowledge amongst your team.

Screenshot showcasing code review features
Screenshot showcasing branch permission feature

Branch permissions

Branch permissions provide granular access control for your team, ensuring the right people can make the right changes to your code.

Inline discussions

Collaborate right in your code with inline comments, threaded conversations, and mentions.

Screenshot showcasing inline diff commenting feature

Code smarter, ship faster

  • Graphic representing diff views

    Diff views

    Understand what's changing in your repositories with unified or side-by-side diffs when reviewing code.

  • Graphic representing JIRA integration

    JIRA integration

    Create a branch from within a JIRA issue and set up triggers to transition between statuses when reviewing or merging code.

  • Graphic representing projects


    Help your team focus on a goal, product, or process by organizing your repositories into projects.

  • Graphic representing 3rd party integrations

    3rd party integrations

    Integrate into your existing workflow to streamline your development process.

  • Graphic representing build integration

    Build integration

    Bitbucket can show build results from your CI system. A simple pass or fail icon tells you about the health of your code.

  • Graphic representing desktop client

    Desktop client

    Harness the full power of Git and Mercurial in a beautifully simple application.

Flexible deployment options

Feature comparison Cloud Server Data Center
Git repository hosting Check icon Check icon Check icon
Branch permissions Check icon Check icon Check icon
JIRA Software integration Check icon Check icon Check icon
Projects Check icon Check icon Check icon
APIs Check icon Check icon Check icon
3rd party integrations Check icon Check icon Check icon
Git Large File Support Check icon Check icon Check icon
Code Search Check icon Check icon
Clustering Check icon
Smart Mirroring Check icon
Mercurial repository hosting Check icon
Snippets Check icon
Issue tracking Check icon JIRA Software* JIRA Software*
Wiki Check icon Confluence* Confluence*

* Integrates easily with JIRA Software and Confluence