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Welcome to the ITK Payloads library! This is a simple framework for generating complex XML documents (primarily HL7v3 and CDA documents) from a simple set of java objects. It simplifies the process of creating and parsing these documents within your Java application. It is designed to work alongside the ITK Reference Implementation , but does not depend upon it (in fact there are no external dependencies outside standard Java 1.5+ and slf4j for logging).

You can download the latest released version of the code as a jar file from the downloads section, or get up and running straight away by adding the below to your maven pom file:


The code currently supports several ITK payloads:

  • Transfer of Care eDischarge
  • End of Life Care Preferences Document
  • Non-Coded CDA Document
  • Child Screening Document
  • Notifications
  • Document Retrieval
  • PDS Mini Service SOAP Messages

See the Release Notes for more details.

Basic Concepts

Using this Library

Developing the Code

Other information

You can read an introductory article about some of the supported payloads here.

You can see some of the outputs generated during the most recent development build here, including the automated JUnit test results and the generated JavaDocs.

Coming Soon: A step by step tutorial for creating messages using this library, and then sending them over ITK using the ITK Reference implementation


If you have any questions, or would like to request specific payloads to be added to the library, please contact