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javarosa / JR_APP

Welcome to the JavaRosa 1.0 Quickstart

Quickstart Install

1. The JavaRosa application's latest build are available as

For instructions on installing J2ME Applications on mobile phones please view this page

Quickstart User Guide

1.Select the language

2.Set your own url for downloading forms and sending data in setting window

3. Download the remote form list

4. Choose(double clicking) the form that you want to save in the phone for later use ( entering data)

5. You should be now in the list of forms avaliable from your phone memory.

6. Double click on the one the one that you want to fill data

7.Fill your data

8. In the end choose if you want to send now or later

9. If you want to check the data non sent you can double click in the formList of the form and the system will present a list of saved form data and you can send whenever you have internet connection.

Create your own xforms

You have some xforms editors available online like:


Setup your own server

You have several open rosa complaint server's like the following:


Data HQ/Commcare HQ Source

Hosted data at datahq

Tested devices

Nokia 2330CYes
Nokia E71Yes


Problems acessing xforms server on the phone

In some low end phones the default internet connection is not assumed by application other than the one's originally shipped with phone. In this case the following tips might be helpful:

  1. From your phone's standby screen select "Menu"
  2. Select "Settings"
  3. Select "Configuration"
  4. Select "Personal Configuration settings"
  5. Select "Options" > "Add New"
  6. Select "Access point"
  7. Select "Account Name" and change the default account name to "CommCare" (or any name you prefer)
  8. Select "Access Point Settings"
  9. Make sure "Data bearer" is set to "GPRS" or "Packet data"
  10. Select "Bearer settings"
  11. Select "GPRS access point/Packet data access point"
  12. Change the access point to the network specific APN. (eg. for MTN Ug, for any T-Mobile phone)
  13. Leave "User name" & "Password" blank.
  14. Go back to the "Configuration" menu ("Menu" > "Settings" > "Configuration")
  15. Select "Preferred access point"
  16. Select "CommCare" (or any other name you chose in step #7)
  17. Select "Default Configuration Settings"
  18. If nothing is listed, follow these steps to create a configuration setting:
  19. Go back to "Personal Configuration Settings"
    1. Select "Options"->"Add New"
    2. Select "Web"
    3. Keep the defaults for the account and create it
    4. Select "Default Configuration Settings"
  20. Choose the newly created access point/web account.
  21. On the previous screen, select "Activate default in all app"
  22. Restart the phone

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