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cosmosis / roadmap

Plans for future features and work


  • Move the demos into the standard library
  • Demo some additional science modules


  • Add reference documentation for cosmosis core features


  • Remove vestigial PyMC code
  • Finish the Minuit sampler

Standard Library

  • Make it possible to run two copies of CAMB by moving options into an settings space
  • Expose more options form camb and class
  • Add Mead et al NL/Baryon power code
  • cluster cosmology tools


  • Improve provenance tracking using DB-style output
  • HDF5 output?
  • Programmatic access to computed cosmological results
  • At some point in the future when it is known that all users' compilers are sufficiently up to date to support the c++14 standard (e.g. gcc >= 4.9), then the -std compiler flag should be changed to -std=c++14.
  • Make bootstrap installer provide download progress feedback to user, possibly with ETA.


  • Consider moving the demos into the standard library directory
  • Make it easier to update and keep track of dependencies

Features already in the development branch

  • See the development page for info on changes already included in the development version of cosmosis


  • Oculus Rift support