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sagittarius-scheme / Release Note 0.6.0

This release is minor version update release.

Fixed bugs:

  • Archiving zip file with directory caused an error. #83
  • Generic hashtable caused SEGV. #84
  • (srfi :106) didn't export *msg-* variables. #86
  • name and n could not be used as with-args variables. #88
  • get-mac-address with position 0 might return loop back address. #90
  • GCable symbol and keyword might cause SEGV. #91
  • Identifier created by datum->syntax could not be referred properly. #89
  • Variables converted by datum->syntax might referred incorrectly. #92


  • Macro expansion is now more copliant with R6RS.
  • Sagittarius can be built on Solaris 11.

New features:

  • SRFI-60 Integers as Bits is supported.
  • SRFI-69 Basic hash table is supported.
  • SRFI-113 Sets and Bags is supported.
  • SRFI-116 Immutable List Library is supported.
  • Draft SRFI-117 Queues based on lists is supported.