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gokz / Jumpstats

This page should give you an overview of how jumpstats work in GOKZ.


  • Longjump (LJ)
    Run, jump, land. The most basic jumptype.

  • Bunnyhop (BH)
    After a Longjump, jump again right away. Usually you want to hit jump on the same tick you land (perf). The Longjump must have no offset.

  • Lowpre Bunnyhop (LBH)
    Same as Bunnyhop, but the pre speed is capped at 360 u/s. Only useful in the KZTimer mode.

  • Multi Bunnyhop (MBH)
    Same as a Bunnyhop, but start with a Bunnyhop or a Multi Bunnyhop instead of a Longjump. All jumps before must have no offset.

  • Weirdjump (WJ)
    Run off a block without jumping, then Bunnyhop. The block must not be higher than 64 units.

  • Lowpre Weirdjump (LWJ)
    Same as Weirdjump, but the pre speed is capped at 300 u/s. Only useful in the KZTimer mode.

  • Ladderhop (LAH)
    Touch a ladder and the ground at the same time, then jump.

  • Ladderjump (LAJ)
    Move off a ladder without touching the ground, then land on a block. The top of the ladder and the block must have the same height.

  • Jumpbug (JB)
    Crouch during a Longjump, release crouch 4 ticks before hitting the ground, then hit a perfect Bunnyhop. Only useful in the Vanilla mode.

  • Fall (FL) [Always-on jumpstats only]
    Fall off a block without jumping. That's it.

  • Invalid (INV) [Always-on jumpstats only]
    The jump got invalidated at some point, e.g. because you touched something.

  • Unknown (UNK) [Always-on jumpstats only]
    The plugin doesn't know this jump type.

  • -F (Failstats)
    If a jumptype is postfixed with an -F, it means that it was a failstat. It would have been a block jump and the plugin found the corresponding blocks, but you didn't quite make it across the gap.


  • Distance
    The distance you jumped in units. You usually aim to make this bigger.

  • Block
    The size of the gap you jumped across in units. To count as a block jump, the gap needs a block on each side with parallel edges, flat faces and no offset. If no blocks could be found, this stat is not shown.

  • Edge
    The amount of units you were away from the edge of the block you jumped from. For ladderjumps, this is the amount you were pushed out of the ladder (e.g. due to danvari tech). Only shown for block jumps.

  • Deviation
    If you're doing a block jump, this is the sideways deviation relative to the blocks in units. That means that if you jump perfectly perpendicular to the edges of the blocks, you will get 0 deviation. If you jump diagonally across the blocks, you will get more deviation. Deviation has no influence in the actual distance you jumped.

  • Strafes
    The number of strafes you did for the jumped. Calculated based on mouse movement, not key presses.

  • Sync
    Percentage of ticks in which you gained speed, meaning your mouse movement and left/right keys were in sync without pressing additional movement keys.

  • Pre (Pre Speed)
    The speed you had the moment you jumped or left the ladder.

  • Max (Max Speed)
    The highest amount of speed you had at any point during the jump.

  • OL (Overlap)
    The amount of ticks you pressed the keys to move left and right at the same time

  • DA (Dead Air)
    Dead Air, the amount of ticks you pressed neither the key to move left nor right.

  • W (W Release)
    The tick you released the key to move forward relative to the tick you jumped. Positive if you released it too late, negative if you released it too early.

  • C (Crouch Release)
    The tick you released the crouch key relative to the perfect tick to get a Jumpbug. Only shown if the plugin assumes you attempted a Jumpbug.

  • (Avg.) Width
    The (average) amount you turned during each strafe in degrees.

  • Height
    The maximum amount of units your feet were away from the ground relative to the point you jumped from.

  • Airtime
    The amount of seconds you were in the air.

  • Offset
    The difference in elevation between the point you jumped from and the point you landed. A negative offset means you landed on a lower elevation, a positive offset that you landed on a higher elevation.

  • Crouched
    The amount of ticks you were crouched during your jump.


You can find a list of the tiers for each jumptype in each mode here:

Always-on jumpstats

The always-on jumpstats are a tool aimed at runners to allow them to analyze non-standard jumps. When this mode is active, the plugin will always try to generate a jumpstat after you either land, teleport or get teleported. In this mode, all validity checks for jumps are skipped and your jumps will neither get a tier nor can they get any records. You can for example examine your edge, w-release, sync, etc. despite a negative offset, touching walls, boosters and the like. You can toggle this mode with the sm_jsalways command (!jsalways in chat).

Differences compared to the KZTimer plugin

  • The crouch bind is also disabled when the timer is not running (except for VNL).
  • The distance bug (distbug) has been fixed. Landing very close to the edge of a block will not give you additional distance.
  • All ladders must have 0.0 offset for the jump to count compared to the 8.0 max offset in KZTimer. Important: The ladder must have no offset, not the jump itself.
  • You do not need !ljblock, a block jump is automatically detected if it is valid.
  • The tiers are different.