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gokz / SaveLoc


This plugin allows players to save/load locations that preserve position, angles, and velocity.


GOKZ SaveLoc serves as a tool for players to practice various sections of maps without their timer running.


  • !saveloc - Save location. Usage: !saveloc <name>
  • !loadloc - Load Location. Usage: !loadloc <#id OR name>
  • !locmenu - Open location menu.
  • !nameloc - Name location. Usage: !nameloc <#id> <name>


  • Players can save, load, and name their locations.
  • Players can load each other's locations by <#id OR name>.
  • Location menu shows all saved locations.
  • Location menu automatically updates new saved locations/names.

Usage Guide

  • !saveloc
    • !saveloc - Saves location with an <#id>.
    • !saveloc <name> - Saves location with <#id> and specified <name>.
      • Location <name> must starts with a letter and be unique.
  • !loadloc
    • !loadloc - Loads most recent location.
    • !loadloc <#id> - Loads location by <#id>.
    • !loadloc <name> - Loads location by <name>.
  • !locmenu
    • !locmenu - Opens location menu.
      • Location menu shows all saved locations created by every player.
      • Selecting a location on the menu loads the location.
      • The player's most recent location is indicated by '>'.
  • !nameloc
    • !nameloc <name> - Names most recent location.
    • !nameloc <#id> <name> - Names specified location.
      • Players can't name each other's locations.
      • Location <name> must start with a letter and be unique.