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As you may have noticed since the release of Etina's End/Fate, OSS NetPro has been getting the short stick when it comes to updates compared to the internal version.

What is worse, NP is still coupled with some proprietary dependencies, like l2emuunique-commons-* or even custom built simplejse, all of which are providing key functionality to NP. In light of this, there is no real reason to continue maintaining this "OSS" version.

Key Information below

This repository will be available as-is until 2018-12-31 and will be de-listed and removed over the first week of 2019, 4 years after being released as OSS and 8 years since inception.

If I eventually find time to properly open source NetPro, which is by detaching it from the legacy dependencies, I'll make sure to make it openly available again.

As a thanks for reading this announcement, I can give you a tip that NP version 2 has a defect in packet log file loading logic that is a memory leak and also the cause of severe performance degradation during log loading.



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They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Let's see if that works:

Version 1

Screen with multiple connections

Version 2

Screen with multiple connections Screen with multiple connections on Java 12 Screen with UpdateSession and DomainServerList

The main screen of this application is shown and it accurately represents what you will be looking at most of the time.

As you can see, this application highly resembles any generic packet visualizer and thus is rather intuitive and self-explanatory.

The main advantage of using NetPro instead of another (or generic) packet visualizer is the built-in analytic capabilities. In other words, this application will make sense out of packet content for you (assuming you provide the correct packet definitions). When using NetPro, you will not need to review hundreds of packets just to find out who did the SocialAction or MagicSkillUse when there are 100 players and 50 NPCs in the vicinity.

NetPro also provides convenient scripting capabilities using a simple and effective Java API. Furthermore, a high level event framework is being developed, which allows to delegate packet handling away and focus on the logic to be scripted instead of how to read packets so that the script would not break when any associated packet's definition changes in the next update.


L2JFree Packet Analysis & Visualization Tool (PAVT) was developed for internal L2JFree needs back in 2011. This tool was never released to the general public and is currently no longer hosted anywhere.

At 2013, PAVT was (relicensed and) integrated into the L2EMU UNIQUE family, allowing us to follow up on the ever-changing Lineage II network protocol, as PAVT was no longer maintained.

Today, a little more than 4 years since its inception, PAVT is released to the general public as NetPro – a notably improved application, that retains the general design ideas of PAVT.

If you have further ideas on how to make NetPro better, do not hesitate to contact.