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Lucee / Download and Install


Download and Install Lucee Server

Lucee Server comes in different flavors to match your needs.

Run without installation

"Lucee Express" allows you to test Lucee without installing it. Simply download a zip, unzip that file and execute a batch file, that's all! If you are done using that version, simply delete it and it is gone for good!

Download the latest "Express" version here and have fun!

By default the Express version listens on port 8888.


We provide installers to install Lucee on your platform, bundled with the Tomcat Servlet Engine and the web server connectors necessary. Simply download the installer for your platform here.

Custom Installation

If you want to use Lucee in different environment (with different Servlet Engine), simply download our "Lucee Custom" package here, it contains everything you need for this task. Consult this page to get info for how to do this exactly.