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Welcome to Lucee Wiki

This Wiki is all about the Lucee Server. As a young project this Wiki does not cover everything yet, but it is work-in-progress. Of course you are invited to participate by extending this wiki or edit existing content!

Getting Started with Lucee

Lucee 5 (Beta) Information

Information about Lucee 5 is found here.


You can find the language reference at and in your installation under <your-host>/lucee/doc.cfm


Lucee comes with a lot of great built-in-features or available as extension (installed in seconds), this section will show you how to use these features. Of course this only shows a small portion of what is possible with Lucee, the possibilities are endless! If a topic you need is not covered consult our Google Group, i'm sure someone is willing to help you out! Please do not forget to publish your example afterwards in this section!

Tips and Tricks


Please consult stackoverflow first, there you maybe find the answer, we actively use this platform to handle all kind of questions. Otherwise the Google Group is packed with smart people, so i'm sure somebody there is willing to help you out.


  • Release History
  • Lucee Express (TODO)
  • Installer (TODO)
  • Custom (TODO) (more to come)

Professional Services

Whether you need installation support or are looking for other professional services. Access our directory of providers

Get Involved

Get involved in the Lucee Project!