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iledocs / Installation


The project uses MongoDB as a datastore.

You should setup a MongoDB database with the database local and the collection iledocs.

RoboMongo can be use for easy administrating the database.

Build Server

git clone iledocs

cd iledocs/

mvn package

The target folder contains the file which contains the REST server and everything necessary to run it (except the Java Runtime Environment).

Run Server

As the server is packaged as one big fat jar file you can run it just by executing the jar file.

java -jar target/ server src/main/resources/config.yml


The jar file contains everything except the configuration for the server. This way you can use the same jar file in every stage without needing to change anything on the jar file.

The configuration says which ports the server uses for its REST services and connection properties to the MongoDB database.

A sample configuration file looks like this:

      - type: http
        port: 8080

      - type: http
        port: 8081

mongocollection: iledocs

Other connection properties are

  • mongohost
  • mongoport
  • mongodb

For every other configuration properties look at the Dropwizard website.

Test Server

To test the server you can either run the ping REST service or use the admin interface on port 8081.

curl http://localhost:8080/ping