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Daniel S. Reichenbach created an issue

The server documentation available in text form has to be dramatically improved. Instead of describing abstract goals and ideals which never come to fruition, we should just rewrite the documentation to allow new and existing mangos-zero users to get a server up and running quickly and with ease.

Simple tasks

Advanced tasks

  • Rewrite the initial README file which introduces the project. Instead of talking about project legacy topics, or who did what we should just tell the users what this project is about, and give them starting points, e.g. what is required to run the software, where do they get it, etc.
  • Make use of the doc directory and provide a structured, simple but useful set of documents for users, administrators and developers.
  • Add documentation about development, legal issues, installation, update mechanisms and game features such as scripting or the auction house bot.

Content improvement

  • A good introduction wins the heart of the developer even if things get complicated later onwards. See William Durands' notes on open sourcing libraries for a few thoughts in basic items that just have to be there.
  • Jacob Kaplan-Moss - yes that guy from the Django project - wrote a small series of articles on how to write great documentation.
  • A more pragmatic view on thing from the real world is provided on the ClojureWerkz blog. Make your project awesome they say, and so shall we.

Common guidelines

  • When doing things for mangos-zero, consider following the minifesto!

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