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NMQual is a software environment for operating NONMEM. NONMEM is a proprietary program copyright by the Regents of the University of California and distributed solely by Icon Development Solutions, Ellicott City, MD. NONMEM is a Fortan program distributed on CD; it fits non-linear mixed effects mathematical models to user data. Although it is not domain specific, most users are in pharmacology and related disciplines. An active user group is maintained at Valid license holders have limited means of installing and maintaining their NONMEM software. Major versions are released every several years. Media includes a DOS script for installing on Windows and a shell script for installing on UNIX. As bugs are discovered, remedies are reported on the help list, to be implemented by hand. Such manual interventions are tedious, and lack the sort of documentation increasingly expected in a federally regulated industry. NMQual is a perl script (with related utilities) that simplifies installation and maintenance of NONMEM. In particular, configuration details and bug fix details are prespecified in XML files. Installation and operation of NMQual-mediated NONMEM installations generate XML logs for traceability. NMQual is an active, open-source project of Metrum Research Group.

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