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Moneydance 2015 / Extensions


Moneydance Extensions Developed by Mike Bray

A number of Extensions have been developed to help with understanding Moneydance and adding features not readily available in the standard product.


The information presented here is relevant for both Moneydance 2017 and 2019

  1. A Budget Generator - the 'New' format budgets within Moneydance have prescribed periods and start dates. This extension allows you to enter different cost patterns and then generate the appropriate budget entries within Moneydance

  2. File Display - if you are developing extensions for Moneydance and you wish to understand the contents of your file, this extension displays the contents of the current file

  3. Security Price/History Load - loads security prices from a .csv file. There are two extensions. One aimed at loading current prices and one aimed at loading historical prices

  4. Security Transaction Load - loads transactions from investment and security accounts using a .csv file

  5. Budget Report - reports on budget verses actual with the ability to roll-up actuals into parent categories

  6. Reporting - a generic utility that is used for all reports

  7. Quote Loader - captures new security and currency prices from or

Parameter Files

These extensions store parameters in files that are located in the directory for the current file. See Parameters for the names of the various files created.


Click here to Download extensions for Moneydance 2017. For Moneydance 2019 go here.

Note: to previous users the extension .mxt files have been moved to the Downloads tab.

Update History

Build 2127 17/1/19

  • Quote Loader - added price export feature

Build 2126 3/1/19

  • Budget Generator - change error messages to a single message at the end of load
  • Quote Loader - expanded next run date, clear 'Select All' flag once prices loaded

Build 2125 16/12/18

  • All extensions - corrected error in file locations on mac and unix

Build 2124 1/12/18

  • Quote Loader - Added 22:00 as a run time

Build 2123 27/10/18

  • Quote Loader - Remembers debug level, does catch up run if you miss a run.

Build 2122 23/10/18

  • Quote Loader - Permanent Fix for comma in price (uses default Locale from Java which is set by the MD preferences)

Build 2121 22/10/18

  • Quote Loader - Temporary Fix for comma in price

Build 2120 6/10/18

  • Quote Loader - Add time of day running

Build 2112 2/10/18

  • Quote Loader - Add Volume Data

Build 2111 1/10/18

  • Quote Loader - Bug fixes on setting next run date

Build 2110 28/9/18

  • Quote Loader - Added automatic running

Build 2100 18/9/18

  • Quote Loader - Added Exchange processing

Build 2060 13/9/18

  • Quote Loader - Minor changes

Build 2059 11/9/18

  • Quote Loader - Problem with 'select all' introduced in build 2058 when adding support for comma

Build 2058 9/9/18

  • Quote Loader - added support for ctrl-Click for right Click. Added support for comma decimal character

Build 2057 6/9/18

  • Quote Loader - first release

Build 2041 17/8/18

  • Security Price/History Load - Changed number of characters to compare in the ticker to include 5

Build 2039 08/8/18

  • Security Price/History Load - remove currency prefix and suffix from prices if present (base currency Only)

Build 2038 20/7/18

  • Security Price/History Load - allowed for Currencies with codes less than 3 characters (to accommodate CryptoCurrencies)

Build 2037 19/7/18

  • Security Price/History Load - allowed for Currencies with codes greater than 3 characters (to accommodate CryptoCurrencies)

Build 2032 18/6/18

  • Security Price Load - corrected storing of user, high and low rates
  • Security History Load - corrected storing of user, high and low rates
  • File Display - added parameters to Security and Currency snapshot display

Build 2030 14/6/18

  • Security History Load - used historical date to convert non base currency securities
  • Security Price Load - recompile

Build 2029 7/6/18

  • Security Price/History Loader - Correction of 1 character ticker issue. Added Help menu.

Build 2027 15/5/18

  • Security Price/History Loader - Allowed Ticker to contain ^

Build 2026 13/5/18

  • Security Price/History Loader - added loading of securities not in an investment account. Added currency symbol to Security prices

Build 2025 1/5/18

  • Security Price Loader - changed from using JFileChooser to FileDialog for Mac users
  • Security History Loader - changed from using JFileChooser to FileDialog for Mac users, further changes for issues 27 and 28

Build 2024 27/4/18

  • Security Price Loader - attempt to solve problem with Mac file chooser

Build 2023 24/4/18

  • Security History Load - Issue 27

Build 2022 17/4/18

  • Security Price Load: added drop down to choose Decimal Places to display
  • Security History Load: New Extension

Build 2021 19/3/18

  • Security Price Load: added button to load a file when the name is in the text field.
  • Remembers the name of last file loaded

Build 2020 16/2/18

  • Security Price Load: Added switch to not update current price and a switch to ignore case on the ticker

Build 2019 11/12/17

  • All - add build number to window title

Build 2018 4/12/17

  • File Display: Added more data to Securities and Currencies
  • Security Price Load: Consider currency of security before updating price.

Build 2017 - 29/11/17

  • Security Price Load: added currencies

Build 2016 - 27/11/17

  • Security Price Load: remember path of last file downloaded

Build 2015 - 26/11/17

  • Security Price Load major changes:
  • Added the ability to load High and Low prices and daily volume
  • Added the ability to remove prefixes from Tickers before matching with MD
  • Added the ability to reduce the matching with MD to 6,7,8 or 9 characters
  • Corrected bug on empty lines.

Build 2014 - 28/9/16

  • Budget Generator - added test for no budgets.
  • Security Transaction Loader - added cleared flag

Build 2013 - 10/9/16

  • Budget Generator - problem with category names

Build 2012 - 5/7/15

  • Budget Report not reloading income accounts
  • Budget Generator not accepting sub categories of the same name, now use Full Name

Build 2011 - 13/6/2015 & 1/7/2015

  • Added icons to budget reporter and generator
  • Bug fix Budget Generator

Build 2010 - 13/6/2015

  • Close extensions when Moneydance file closed

Build 2009 - 9/6/2015

  • Changed Transaction display screen to more descriptive fields, changed transaction viewer format, added line to Budget Report

Build 2008 - 30/5/2015

  • Added the ability to view transactions for actual amounts on budget report viewer

Build 2007 - 26/5/2015

  • Bug fixes Budget Reporting

Build 2006 - 23/5/2015

  • Major changes to the Budget Generator
  • Added the ability to save to different files, allowing more than one file per budget
  • Added right click on Enter Values Amount field to select previous period budget or actuals
  • Added a new button to allow user to update generated figures manually
  • Added right click on Generated Values Amount fields to select previous period budget or actuals
  • Added right click on Generated Values Amount fields to copy entered amount to the end of the period
  • Added the Generated Values to the parameter file, these can be reloaded
  • Added remembering the last budget and file name used
  • Added Tool Tips
  • Bug fixes to Budget Report

Build 2005 - 4/5/2015

  • New reporting utility to provide generic reporting tool
  • Added Printing to reporting utility, uses MD Print Font
  • Updated Budget Report to use new utility
  • Added background and text colours
  • Budget Generator bug fixes

Build 2004 - 18/4/2015

  • Handle blank fiscal year, defaults to 01/01
  • Budget Report remembers Window sizes
  • Budget Report uses local date format for dates

Build 2003 patch - 08/04/2015

  • Budget Generator not closing first window after use of Income Values

Build 2003 - 01/04/2015

  • Bugs in Budget Generator window sizing
  • Budget Generator sdded date picker to values table

Build 2002 - 28/03/2015

  • Budget Generator remembers window size

Build 2001 - 26/03/2015

  • Rebaselined extensions to build 1182 of Moneydance