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Moneydance 2015 / Reporting



Welcome to the wiki for the Moneydance Reporting Utility

What does the utility do

The utility is not an extension on its own but a generic tool used by other extensions to display and print reports.

The utility is used in the following reports:

  • Budget Report


All reports are displayed in a standard format:


The standard fields are:

  1. A report title
  2. A report sub-title
  3. A filename identifier
  4. The Print and Close buttons

In Moneydance all reports are scaled to fit one page wide. If the data is too large for a width, the font is scalled down. With this utility it will first create the report pages using the standard size font. This could be many pages wide and many pages deep. This utility uses the Printing Font selected in MD Preferences page.

When you click on Print the utility asks the user to select a printer. At this point you should choose the orientation for the report using the printer properties. When you click on OK/Print the utility will ask you to select the number of pages for the width. The following is displayed:


Select the width of the report and click on OK. The report will be generated and sent to the printer.