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  1. Install NEI (*)
  2. Place NEIPlugins jar into your mods/ directory.

NEI 1.7.2-1.0.1


NEI (Minecraft 1.6.2), NEI (Minecraft 1.6.4)


Press "L" (you can change this key in NEI Control options) in player inventory to see new NEIPlugins menu.

Supported mods

Assembly Table recipes.

Recipes for most devices.

Show Rolling Machine, Rock Crusher, Coke Oven and Blast Furnace recipes. Also can show Steam Boiler info.

IndustrialCraft 2 exp

Ars Magica 2
Essence Refiner recipes.

Tinkers Construct
Smeltery and Liquid Casting recipes.

Fuel tooltips only

Diesel Generator, Gas Turbine, Thermal Generator, Semi Fluid Generator, Plasma Generator, Magic Energy Converter.

Thermal Expansion

Other plugins for NEI

NEI Addons
Mod for NEI that reveal some information about Bees\Trees breeding and products. Also adds [?] button support for alternate crafting tables from many mods.

Waila is an extension for NEI. It will show in the tooltip what mod an item is from. Since the tooltip contains the mod name, you can also easly parse items per mods.
But that's not all! Leveraging an extended NEI HUD, it is also capable of showing the name of blocks and mods ingame, right on top of your screen.
And if this is not enough, it comes with a few integrated modules to show internal information of some specific blocks. For now, BC tanks have been implemented (shows the content, capacity and amount of fluid) and IC2 machines (shows the In/out voltage).

NEI Mystcraft Plugin
Al this addon does is add all pages to the NEI item list so you can search for symbols to your heart's content.

About modpacks

You are free to add NEIPlugins to your modpack and redistribute it, as long as the modpack is strictly non-profit and none of the other mods are included against their license.

Previous Versions

NEI 1.5.x.x

NEI 1.4.x.x