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Eyes Tracking

Lean More

Lean More about our Eyes Tracking solution.

Enable eyes-tracking

  1. on adunit level, you can active eyes-tracking for interstitial, banner, medium rectangle, infeed and native from MAS (Madvertise Ad Serving). 2017-07-25 15-41-55.jpeg


eyes-tracking solution works on MngAdsSDK >= 2.6


You can export on MAT (Madvertise Audience targeting) per placement and adunit number of seconds who user watch the ad :

  • average
  • min
  • max
  • total 2017-05-12 15-28-46.png

Rich Media

We have registered eyestrackingChangeHandler listener for eyestrackingChange event. We following code, you can change creative or play/pause a video.

 mraid.addEventListener("eyestrackingChange", eyestrackingChangeHandler);

function eyestrackingChangeHandler(state) {
   if (state == "detected" ) {
  else {


Detected Not Detected
yes.jpg no.jpg
coca-yes.jpg coca-no.jpg

Creative sample

See [html demo with mraid] or html showcase with mraid