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Warning: this software hasn't been updated for a long time and most likely won't be updated in the future - proceed with care.

Disclaimer: chosen implementation approach is broken by design partly due to the way the component evolved and conceived, but mostly due to my limitations as a programmer. Provided sources are not meant to be taken as an example. If you're researching for ways of interacting with foobar2000 by HTTP requests, take a look at foo_catnap and this discussion:


foo_httpcontrol is a remote control component for the excellent audio player, foobar2000 1.5+.

Licensed under New BSD License.

Component provides the following features via http interface:

  • full control of playback and volume;
  • playback queue management;
  • basic playlist management;
  • basic media library search and query;
  • basic file browser functions, including ability to browse Microsoft Network;
  • basic templating support.

Component binary and templates are availabie in Downloads section.

default template (built using simple synchronious document model, tested on Opera 9/10, Firefox etc):

default template screenshot

ajquery template (built using asynchronious document model, tested on Opera 10, Firefox 3.6, Internet Exploder 8 etc):

ajquery template screenshot