OPENXML: Does Okapi really support Excel 2007?

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Handika Dwi created an issue

I got XML Parsing error when the file is saved on Excel 2007. However when I save it on Excel 2019, Okapi works fine.

I’ve unzipped and compared the unedited file and edited file

I found that they have different file structure. See screenshot below:

I also inspect their respective docProps/app.xml and find that they have different version of Excel

Notice the <AppVersion>

The left one is unedited, the other one is edited.

So, I can conclude that Okapi somewhat doesn’t support Excel 2007

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  1. Handika Dwi reporter

    We experienced the same thing on Mac. On Linux, I got this error: Error parsing XML content Error: Unexpected character '?' (code 65533 / 0xfffd) in prolog; expected '<' at [row,col {unknown-source}]: [1,1]

    I believe it's Excel 2007 version based on my observation on its docProps/app.xml though I don’t have Excel 2007. I got the document from somewhere

    The problem with this issue compared to the inline strings issue is that the inline-strings.xlsx on the inline strings issue works fine on Okapi but in this issue, there’s no significance on the generated XLIFF. It’s even crashed on Linux as far as I’ve experienced it

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