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Issue #751 resolved
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  1. Ed McDonagh reporter

    @David Platten @Luuk I have pushed out a first beta for 0.9.1. I am aware that the following need to be resolved:

    • Upgrade procedure for old Python versions on Windows, particularly when using virtualenv. What I have written worked for me, but ongoing discussions with David suggest that it will be more complicated.
    • Ideally, scripts for daemonising Celery on Windows will be modified as Celery 3.1.25 is more stable than other versions have been.

    If you have any other comments or questions (anyone!) please shout.

    Docs for beta release are at https://docs.openrem.org/en/0.9.1b1-docs

  2. Luuk

    @edmcdonagh I tested version 0.9.1 beta 2 using my test environment (virtual python environment using virtual directory for the website)

    • Upgrade went smoothly (I already had a correct python and celery version)

      • We might want to add to the instructions that if you use a virtual directory you should run

        • python manage.py collectstatic_js_reverse (does the default installation has an updated version of reverse.js?)

          • btw the new version of django-js-reverse (0.9.1., is this a coincidence or not?) does contain the improvement taking into account the ROOT_URLCONF.
          • So you might also want perform pip install collectstatic_js_reverse -U before
          • And then the documentation for virtual directory should be updated as you don’t need to change the code yourself any more
    • No issues concerning import and export of data

    • Web page issues:

      • The “Modify fluoroscopy high dose alert settings” page has hard-coded links (buttons), so not working in virtual directory

        • highdosemetricalertsettings_form.html, line 46
        • See issue models.py
      • The “Flouoro allert notifications settings” page has a hard-coded link (button), so not working in virtual directory

        • rfalertnotificationsview.html, line 33
      • The “modify skin dose map settings” page has a hardcoded link (button), so not working in virtual directory

        • see issue models.py
      • models.py contains hardcoded urls

        • line 98, 114, 144
    • Minor issue:

      • The pagination in the review page looks different than on the modality filtered pages

    I think that’s it. So furthermore it looks great!

  3. Luuk

    You mean the documantion changes for the reverse js stuff? Or also an update version of the default reverse.js?

    And, yes, I can do that.

  4. Ed McDonagh reporter

    Modified all the other hard coded urls. Tested without virtual directory. Refs #751 [skip ci] web interface not tested :-( Workload absolute URL in models.py (line ~144) does not get used, and was wrong. Confirmation would be appreciated!

    → <<cset 2c807d360ac2>>

  5. Ed McDonagh reporter

    @557058:23c225ec-4b40-4343-b122-aabbe8eaac40 - are you able to confirm the statement about the HomePageAdminSettings get_absolute_url being unused? I have commented it out in the issue751LuukTesting branch, and I think everything is still working.

    That was meant to be @dplatten

  6. Luuk

    @edmcdonagh I tested your changes using a website with virtual directory and they work fine! Also the Django pagination on the review page looks fine!

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