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OscaR is a Scala toolkit for solving Operations Research problems. The techniques currently available in OscaR are:

Getting OscaR

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Developers' Corner

Who is behind OscaR?

This project is kindly supported by companies/institutions:

  • UCLouvain and the research group of Pierre Schaus research lab.
  • CETIC who develop and maintain the CBLS package and its satellite engines
  • n-Side who use OscaR and allocate resources to improve it.
  • YourKit is kindly supporting this open source projects with its full-featured

Java Profiler.

Want to cite OscaR?

Please use this reference:

Inspiration and Acknowledgments:

Many of the ideas implemented in OscaR come from the pioneering system/language Comet developed by Pascal Van Hentenryck and Laurent Michel. This system was the first to allow users full control to create complex hybridizations between CBLS/CP/LP components. A particularly desirable feature of Comet was that the models always looked nice, and consequently were easy to read and understand.

Another solver and API that inspired us, because we used it in the past, is Ilog-Solver. This company published many important papers for the field that were implemented in many solvers.