Cloud pricing FAQ

Why are you changing your pricing model?

In our current tier-ed pricing model, unless you have exactly 10, 25, 50 or 100 users, you can end up paying for seats you don't use. For example, if you have 35 developers in your team, you pay $50/month for the 50-user tier and have 15 seats unused. In the new pricing model (price-per-user), you only pay for the users who are actually part of your team.

Will I pay more under the new pricing model?

Some of you will see a price increase. Using the example above, you will pay $70/month under the Standard plan i.e. $20 more under the new pricing model. Additionally, the Standard plan will include 5 GB file storage for LFS and 500 build minutes for Pipelines per team.

How is the new pricing structured?

Per user pricing so you pay only for what you use. Standard plan will be $2/user/month and Premium plan will be $5/user/month.

What do you mean by "build minute" and "file storage"?

A "build minute" is one minute of machine time running a Pipelines build. 1 GB of "file storage" is the available storage space, currently through LFS, for media or other large files. This storage space is in addition to 1 GB of storage per repository.

Will you still offer free community or academic subscriptions?

Yes! Your current free community or academic subscriptions will continue to include unlimited private repositories for unlimited contributors (which will include 5 GB file storage for LFS and 500 build minutes for Pipelines per team) when the new pricing change takes effect. Fees will apply for additional build minutes and file storage.

What is the difference between Standard and Premium?

Standard plan includes all the current features in Bitbucket including LFS and Pipelines. Premium plan is a new pricing tier for larger teams that require granular admin controls, security and auditing capabilities. Premium plan will currently include Mirroring and merge checks which are not included in the Standard plan. 

Is Bitbucket still free for small teams?

Yes, Bitbucket is still free for individuals and small teams with up to 5 users, with unlimited public and private repositories. You also get 1 GB file storage for LFS and 50 build minutes for Pipelines per account.

What is a user? What is a team?

A user is anyone with a Bitbucket account. Once you give a user access to a private repository they count as a user for your billing plan. A team is a group of users with access to shared projects and repositories. Learn more

When will the new pricing take effect?

The new pricing will take effect on May 22, 2017.

What about Bitbucket Server?

Bitbucket Server is unaffected by this pricing change. Find out more about Bitbucket Server here.

More questions?

Check out our more detailed FAQ or contact us any time at You should have also received an email from us communicating the pricing changes if you are a paid customer.