Deployment Permissions now available in Bitbucket Pipelines

Deploying to a production environment always comes with risk. Nobody wants to break their customers’ trust by accidentally deploying the wrong code, especially in critical systems.

You can now configure deployment permissions to control who can do deployments, and from which branch, as a premium feature of Bitbucket Pipelines. This is customizable for each environment to help protect your customers without slowing down your team.

Deployment permissions tailored to your workflow

There are two deployment permission options for Bitbucket Pipelines that you can use to meet your workflow needs. This, combined with deployment variables and branch permissions gives you a robust way to control and protect your deployment environments.

Admin restrictions

Teams can set things up so only admins can deploy to an environment, ensuring that only trusted users can trigger a deployment.

With admin restrictions in place, a deployment by a non-admin is automatically paused and can only be resumed by an administrator.

Branch restrictions
Branch restrictions help you control what can be deployed to critical environments like production. Teams using Git-flow, gatekeeper PRs, or promotion workflows can enforce their process with branch restrictions.

Any deployments running from an invalid branch will automatically be paused.

Getting started with deployment permissions

Deployment permissions are part of our Premium tier on Bitbucket, focused on features for teams that require admin controls, security and auditing capabilities. The Premium tier costs $6/user/month.

If you’re ready to get started, sign up for a free Bitbucket Cloud account or upgrade to Premium.

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