What’s new in Bitbucket Deployments

Teams practicing Continuous Delivery ensure that every change pushed to the main repo is ready to be shipped. They have the option to deploy as frequently as they would like – every hour, every day, or every week. We added Deployments in Bitbucket Pipelines in December 2017 to help teams keep up with all the deployments. Bitbucket Deployments sits next to your source code and can be configured with a single line of code and give you one place to see which version of software is running in each environment.

We've been hard at work adding additional features that help teams review and deploy changes with ease. Check ’em out below.

Deployment permissions

With the addition of deployment permissions to Bitbucket Deployments you can now configure permissions so that only certain branches or people can deploy to production, helping reduce the risk of unwanted changes accidentally deploying to critical customer-facing systems.

There are two types of deployment permission teams can use and, used in conjunction with deployment variables and branch permissions, provides granular control over who can deploy what changes to a specific environment.

Admin restrictions

Teams can set things up so only admins can deploy to an environment, ensuring that only trusted users can trigger a deployment – any deployment by a non-admin is automatically paused and can only be resumed by an administrator.

Branch restrictions

Branch restrictions help you control what can be deployed to critical environments like production, and any deployment running from an invalid branch will automatically be paused.

Note that Deployment Permissions are only available on Bitbucket's Premium plan.

Jira integration

We've added greater visibility into what Jira issues are being deployed and where, and made that information available inside Jira and Bitbucket.

Jira in Bitbucket:

In the Bitbucket Deployment preview and summary screens you can now see the Jira issues that are part of a deployment along with the status of each issue. This helps teams review changes before deploying and makes it easier to track when a Jira issue has been released in the summary view.

You can read more about the improved Jira integration in Bitbucket here.

Bitbucket in Jira:

In Jira you now have deployment visibility in the issue view, giving teams at a glance information about the deployment status of a particular Jira issue without having to context switch to Bitbucket to investigate.

You can also view the history of releases for an issue by clicking on the release status and viewing all of the environments an issue has been deployed to, along with information about when it was deployed to that environment.

You can read more about the improved deployment visibility in Jira here.

Automatic concurrency control

For teams that deploy regularly it's important that only a single deployment is in progress to an environment at any given time. This gives teams confidence about the status of their environment and eliminates any uncertainty about whether deployments are running in the right order.

To support this we added automatic concurrency control for your deployments, whereby Bitbucket checks whether a deployment is already in progress before starting a new one to the same environment. If there is already a deployment in progress, later deployment steps will be paused. You can then manually resume the deployment once the in-progress deployment has completed.

You can read more about automatic concurrency control here.

Support for more deployment environments

When Deployments first launched teams were limited to three default environments they could deploy to – test, staging, and production. But every team has a different deployment workflow and often that includes multiple environments for testing and production. With that in mind we recently added support for up to 10 deployment environments, and teams can now define each environment and also set individual deployment permissions for each as well.

Read more about defining deployment environments here.

Get started with Bitbucket Deployments today

With Bitbucket Deployments it's easier than ever to gain visibility into your deployments and control who can deploy what changes to critical systems. Ready to get started? If you're new to Bitbucket, sign up for a Bitbucket Cloud account. Already a Bitbucket customer? Check out the individual blogs for instructions on enabling your desired feature.


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