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Running Creedo

This pages describes the steps necessary for running an executable binary release of Creedo, which can be obtained from the download section.


  • Java 8 RE (Oracle---there have been problems reported with open jdk in the past).

  • MySQL Server (Version 5.5+) with access credentials to a schema that Creedo can use to store its data.


  1. Download a binary release and unzip it at a location of your choice.

  2. Configure the database credentials that the Creedo server should use in the file that you find in the unzipped program folder.


  1. Start the server by executing either startup.bat (Windows) or (Unix-based)

  2. When running for the first time (or when you want to reset the application by deleting the db schema Creedo has been linked to in the config file), the application will initialize with example data. Also a root user will be created with a password set in the config file (default: no password).

  3. Access the main application page in your web browser at http://localhost:8080/Creedo/index.htm . You can log in with the root account, then open the admin frame under the link Administration, and then under Users create a regular user. Logging in with this new users will show you the example dashboards on the main page.