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Developer Setup

This page describes the steps necessary to work with and extend the source version of Creedo using the Eclipse IDE.


In addition to a Java 8 jdk and a MySql Server (see also the prerequisites under Running Creedo) you need the following tools (the given version numbers indicate recommended versions with which we tested Creedo).

  • Eclipse IDE (Version 4.4)

  • Tomcat (Version 7.0.61) configured as server within your Eclipse workspace

Setup Eclipse Project

  1. Clone the Creedo Git repository (e.g., via git clone and include it as Java project into your Eclipse workspace. The repository already contains a Eclipse project file, hence, you can directly import it as a Java project to your workspace using the import project option in the Git Repositories view.

  2. Create a main properties file based on the template in the project root folder. In this file global system specific parameters have to be set such as the database credentials, email settings, and the remote setup password. This properties file has to be passed to the server on start-up. You have to provide a user folder on your local drive where web content is stored, especially images and text file.

  3. Create an Eclipse runtime-configuration. See the page on Eclipse runtime configurations for Creedo for detailed instructions.


After all configuration of the eclipse project is done, start the server (to which Creedo is deployed by Eclipse). For application initialization and access also see the corresponding section under Running Creedo.