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GoWorks / Release History

Current Version: GoWorks Preview 7 (January 24, 2013)

Changes from Preview 6

  • General
    • Support installation as a NetBeans 7.3 Beta 2 plugin
    • Clean up a few aspects of the UI
    • Improved feedback when errors occur
  • Editor
    • Substantial reduction in memory usage
    • Improved responsiveness
    • Fix some code completion bugs including (including issue #1)
    • Add Go To Type and Go To Symbol quick search providers for Go code
    • Improved behavior of Move Word Left/Right (Ctrl+Left/Right)
  • Project
    • The Build command now runs go install
    • Initial support for running Go programs within the IDE
  • Navigator
    • Support the Navigator for unopened files when a file node is clicked in the Projects window
    • Fix some failures to refresh properly
    • Fix bugs with the Parse Tree navigator (although this window is primarily for developing GoWorks itself)

Previous Versions

GoWorks Preview 6 (November 8, 2012)

  • Project System
    • Support the standard Go project layout (simply open up an existing Go project)
    • Now supports adding new source files to a package
    • Support the build, clean, install, and test commands
    • Unit test results appear in the Test Results window
    • Sources for the Go standard library appear under the Libraries node in the Projects window
  • Editor
    • Major improvements to type inference support
    • Code completion supports switch on type and for statements with a range clause
    • Code completion is now aware of exported and package-private symbols
    • The Source → Format command now invokes the gofmt tool
  • Navigator Window
    • Show interface types
    • Show function and method signatures
    • Show types for var and const items "where possible"
    • Group methods with the struct they apply to, rather than shown in a flat list
    • Use a more consistent set of icons to represent items

GoWorks Preview 5 (September 28, 2012)

This initial public preview release included the GoWorks application, a large sample project containing the source code of the Go standard library, and instructions for use. User projects were not supported as GoWorks was truly a preview demonstration at this point.