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This is the official documentation page for The YMME (YEAR, MAKE, MODEL, ENGINE) module for opencart.

This page is for the non multi-store enabled version of the mod. If you want documentation for or need to report a bug for the multi-store version it can be found HERE

Which YMME mod to choose

If you are not using multi-store use the regular ymme mod. If you are using multi-store and you only want the makes and models for the current store to show up use the multi-store version. Note that extra queries are needed to limit the makes and models which will affect performance. I do not believe that it will greatly impact performance, but best not to take the risk if you don't need the extra multi-store functionality.


Changelog can be found HERE


The import/export page has been updated with new functionality. You can now add new data without erasing the old data, and you can now import using an alternate unique id such as model or mpn.

There are a few things to remember when using the import/export script.

  1. The add function only adds data. It is not an update script so it will not remove or change old data. If you want to do that you will have to use the empty data option and import all data, or update it manually in the product edit pages.
  2. The download will currently always use product_id as the unique identifier since that's how the data is stored in the database.
  3. When using an alternate unique id you must make sure that the field is actually unique across all your products. If multiple products have the same value for the field you choose then you will get unexpected behavior because all of the filters will get applied to the first product found with a matching value.

Installation Instructions

  1. upload all files from the upload folder to the root of your opencart install.
  2. log into the admin and goto system->users->user groups and edit top adminstrator. click the check all links on each section and save.
  3. in the admin goto Extensions->modules and install the YMM Filter module.
  4. edit the YMM FIlter module.
    1. if you want all new products to get added as a universal product by default then select enabled on New Product Default to Universal. (universal products always show up even when the site is filtered. to be used for things that fit every vehicle like say oil or something of that nature.)
    2. if you want to allow customers to set a cookie so they don't have to select a vehicle every time they return to your site then select enabled for Enable Remember Me option.
    3. Choose which filters you want to use. You can enable or disable the model year and engine. You should not disable the model and leave year or engine. If you do then you will have problems as both the year and engine flow from the model.
    4. Click Add Module button and setup the module for the position you want. Repeat for each page you want it to show up on. ( it looks a little goofy in the center column by default, but it is marked up and you can style it by changing ymm.css
  5. Goto Catalog->Products and either edit a product or click insert.
    1. Click on the YMM tab.
    2. For existing products the Universal Product checkmark should be checked, and if you enabled new products universal by default it will be checked for newly inserted products as well. Click to uncheck the checkbox. A table will show up.
    3. click Add Year/Make/Model. A row will show up to enter make model first year and last year. Enter the information. If you have already entered information on other products the make and model fields will autocomplete. If you are on they will also have the first option auto selected, so that once the desired result comes to the top you can simply hit tab and it will fill in the field and move to the next field. After you enter the last year field you can either click Add Year/Make/Model again and start over or if you tab it will automatically add a new row and focus the make field on the new row. When you've entered everything you need to click save.
  6. goto Catalog->Edit Make/Model.
    1. You will see lists of makes and models. You can sort them by clicking on the header. You can search through them by typing in the corresponding search box. You can edit one by clicking on the name. You can delete using the delete link.
      warning be careful deleting as there currently is no check to see if there are any products using that make/model.
  7. goto the frontend of the store. You will see the module in the position you set it to. It will have a dropdown for make with model and year disabled below it.
    1. select a make. it will autopoulate associated models and enable the field. select a model. It will autopopulate available years and enable the field. Select a year and then click submit. The page will refresh and you will see your make model year instead of the dropdowns and a change vehicle link. You can now browse the site, and it will only show products and categories that either match your year/make/model, or are set as universal.
    2. to change the year/make/model or remove it and browse everything click on change vehicle link. It will refresh the page and remove the filters. You can browse the site unfiltered, or start over and choose another vehicle.
  8. if you do not want to show the vehicle list on the product page either do not upload vqmod/xml/Vehicle-on-product.xml or rename it to Vehicle-on-product.xml_