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7.3 Participating to the development of KROME

KROME is an open source code which is aimed at be shared and developed by the community, and for this reason we strongly encourage the users to take a closer look to the different parts of the package and start to contribute on.

Both contributions to the main code or to "external code" patches are welcomed.

There are two different ways to contribute to the KROME development or to develop a divergent version of the main code

  1. Create a branch
  2. Fork the main repository

The difference among these two approaches is well explained here. In a few words the main characteristics of each approach are the following


  • remain part of the original repository
  • the branch knows and relies on the main code (and viceversa)


  • it means a copy of the original code
  • is independent from the original repository
  • if the original repository is deleted, the fork remains

As you don't have rights to write on the central KROME repository the only way to get a copy of KROME is to fork the original repository.

Once you created your own parallel version of the main repository you should clone it on your machine by typing

git clone name_of_the_repository

Then you can start to work independently on the cloned version. Once you finished with your modifications you need to go into different steps:

update your forked/branch repository

git add <file> or git add <dir>

git status

git commit -m "name of the commit"

git push origin master

pull a request to the main repository

This can be done directly from the Bitbucket website once you have updated your own version of the package. Once a pull request arrives to the main "master" repository, will be discussed and the reviewers will decide weather or not the modifications can be accepted and included in the original package repository.

Every modifications by the users/developers will be acknowledged and released with the new/future version of the package.