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7.2 Developer, Stable, and Tested version of KROME

Before this, KROME was released only as a stable code, while the private version was developed by few users. Unfortunately, this approach was quite a challenge, because the stable version lost hundreds of commits wrt the developer version.

To cope with this problem we decided then to drop the stable and use only the developer version in this repository. In this way everyone can participate to the code development, commenting issues, or suggesting new features or development strategies.

In order to provide a "stable" version we employ an automatic testing method. KROME has a number of tests: when all the tests produce the expected output, we assume that the current changeset is "stable", or better "tested". KROME is tested with a script when modifications are present. After running the test suite a webpage is updated with a report. When all the tests are OK, then the changeset becomes the new "tested" version, and it is safe to be cloned/pulled or downloaded. Otherwise, an user can refer to the latest "tested" version.

To recap:

  • the "stable" version has been dropped.

  • the "developer" version is public, being the main (and only) version of KROME.

  • the "tested" version is a tested changeset of the "developer" that can be "safely" employed.

  • this webpage displays the information about the "tested" version and the download link (but we suggest to clone/pull).

Machine-readable changest

If you need a machine-readable version of the tested changeset hash you can fetch the following URL

or if you want the full url of the tar.gz file then fetch

if something goes wrong the page returns the string "ERROR".