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PROTO is a code that computes simple multi-frequency radiative transfer in 1D.
It uses geometrical attenuation (1/r^2) and energy-dependent opacity attenuation as exp(-tau(E)).

PROTO models the gas surrounding a protostar from the inner dust opacity gap up to the diffuse gas region following Stahler & Palla (2005; Chap. 11).
Here is the appropriate excerpt from Stahler & Palla.

PROTO is written in Fortran 95 and consists of a single class named proto (proto_class.f90), which is called by a main program (main.f90). You can find a detailed description of the included files here, and a schematic of the data structure here.

The PROTO class contains several attributes and methods (called procedures in Fortran).
Read about how to add a new procedure to the class.

The class procedures and attributes are described here.

Some output functionality is also already implemented.

Details on the Makefile can be found here.