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This page contains the solution to remote control an ALDE heater. A TelegramBot is doing the communication between the user and the ALDE heater panel. This solution replaces the ALDE Smart Control which is based on a mobile 2G interface and this not longer supported in Switzerland and many other countries.


More details in the Installation section.


The information and product described on this site works for the author. You can free use this information, but the author gives no warranty or can be held responsible on damages or by any other problem with your ALDE heater.


Instead of an app we use a telegram bot. Easy to use and supports menu handling, direct feedback and alerting. The bot starts by the /start command or any other text he cannot understand. The menu has the most used commands and a sub-menu temperature as option. And finally the complete status from the heater as text.

mainmenu.png tempmenu.png status_small.png


Use case described at Teltonika Use Cases.

  • Status overview from the heater panel
  • Main heater on/off
  • Temperature control (set heater temp)
  • Gas on/off
  • Hotwater on/off
  • Power settings off/1kW/2kW/3kW
  • Providing errors from the heater itself or the heater panel
  • Temperature logging to internal database
  • Temperature logging to external influxdb
  • Alerting on temperature low
  • Alerting on error from heater panel
  • Language support for DE and EN
  • Synchronizing clock of heater panel
  • Config overview from bot


Since version 0.9.11 we support influxdb. Combining influxdb and grafana for charting and we get following temperature overview from today (25th march 2023). See Monitoring for more details.

BildschirmĀ­foto 2023-03-28 um 12.07.41.png

What else


Thanks to all testsusers, we could improve the solution further more. Currently we don't need more testsusers and start with production.