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Retail App

  • This app is for shops in retail business.


  • You should have registered your company and have a branch.

  • Branch should be subscribed to the app Retail.

  • To add app Retail: Manage Apps

 Home Page -> Click on 'Your Branches' -> Select a Branch -> Click on 'Branch'

 Branch Page -> Click on 'Retail'  


Retail has three options (under the Menu button):

  1. Menu

    • All the products which can be sold through retails.
  2. Orders

    • All the running orders.
  3. Bills

    • All the bills of the day.

    • Bills settled and un-settled are displayed here.

1. Menu List ( Product List)

  • Menu page contains the list of items for sale.

  • Items are displayed under categories.

  • Only items whose price has been defined for the app foodtakeout are displayed here.

2. Order

2.1 Create an Order

  • Click on Menu button -> and select 'Orders'.

  • List of Order is displayed. And a button to create a new order.

  • Click on the New Order button.

  • After the Order has been created succesfully, order Page is displayed.

2.2 An Order

  • Top section of the Order is order section.

Order section contains the ordered items and quantity of the items.

  • Bottom section is the list of items for the order.

2.3. Adding Items to an Order

  • There are three fields: name,barcode and units.

  • You can fill in the barcode (product code) in the barcode field, or you can search for a product name.

  • Once the Items have been added, Button make bill is displayed.

  • Make bill button is used to create bill.

2.4. Create bill for an order

  • Bill can be created by click on Make Bill button.

3. Settle a Bill

  • Once the bills is created using Make bill button, Bill page is displayed.

  • Bill page has three sections:

    • top is payment section.

    • middle is bill info section.

    • bottom section is bill transactions.

  • Payment section has three fields:

    • comment(optional): can contain card or online payment details.

    • amount receivable: is amount receivable for the bill.

    • payment type: Cash (default), Credit card, Debit Card, Online payment.

3.1 Bill Payment

  • After filling the comment,amount , and selecting payment type.

    • Click on Make payment button.
  • Once payment is complete, bill is settled.