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Welcome to TRIOLOGY GmbH SCM-Manager plugins wiki!Here you find all information about plugins that we made for SCM-Manager and SCM-Manager Universe. For additional information about SCM-Manager and the virtual appliance SCM-Manager Universe visit our blog.

SCM-Manager Plugins

Bugzilla plugin

Integration of Bugzilla bugs into SCM-Mananger.

.htpasswd plugin

Authenticate users against .htpasswd files.

Groupmanager plugin

Assign group managers to groups. They donĀ“t need administration rights to add users to groups.

Checkstyle plugin

Check each push to the main repository against your own coding rules.

CAS plugin

Integration of CAS (Central Authentication Service) as authentication source.

Plugins for other Applications

Bugzilla CAS Plugin

Integration of CAS (Central Authentication Service) as authentication source for Bugzilla.

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