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This page is here to help you get started with codetrainer project. It explains how to get all the tools needed in order to compile and run codetrainer.

Please get all the mandatory prerequisites. The ones that are not absolutely necessary are still recommended for a better experience. So first please follow the instructions from the CodeTrainer prerequisites page

In case you stumble across issues, at any point, please try reading the FAQ. Some common problems together with solutions are mentioned there.

Once the prerequisites are available you should do the following:

  1. The build process
  2. Compiling wxWidgets 3.0 for Windows with Visual Studio
  3. Building portaudio with Visual Studio
  4. Unit Testing
  5. Creating a new plugin
  6. Creating a new unit test

We may add here extra documentation pages, even at your own request. We recommend you to browse through it as it may contain some very interesting pieces of information.

Compiling a wxWidgets sample with Visual Studio

Creating a new wxWidgets project with cmake

For bugs, requests, suggestions please log in with your bitbucket credentials and submit a bug to our issues page