no "Pause" key on a MacBook Pro keyboard

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Issue #170 resolved
John Lambert created an issue

The game says to press "Pause" to pause the game but there's no "Pause" key available on a MacBook Pro keyboard.

(Fn-F8 as the iTunes 'play/pause' didn't work, neither did the workarounds on .)

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  1. Riot

    Damn. Configurable controls (#14) are an existing enhancement issue on this tracker - meanwhile, you'll find that pressing escape to pause does exactly the same thing (except you have a menu visible) - functionally they're equivalent.

    Is there a standard convention for how to pause on macs which lack the key? We can redefine the default for OS X to be F12 or whatever is most in line with user expectations?

  2. John Lambert reporter
    1. I tried that combination, no luck.
    2. F12 is grabbed by Steam by default for screenshots so I would recommend against it.
    3. Re: "pressing escape", I don't understand how to rationalize with the comment that "escape doesn't pause the game" on because when I press Escape, debt keeps increasing.

    I did find a workaround though: Command-Tab to app switch stops the money counter which is what I would expect from "Pause".

  3. Riot

    Oh rats; I apologise - I forgot that we implemented it that way; you're right. Switching away from the window is one way to work around it meanwhile.

    If F12 is not an option, what key would you suggest as the optimal default on OS X?

  4. Norgg

    P isn't used for anything in non-debug mode, is it? I'd suggest that as a default alternative probably on all platforms, since Pause is often awkward.

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