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What is this repository for?

Comicami is a light comic reader for the Amiga OS 4. It is able to read the .cbr and .cbz comic book formats. It is designed to be simple in usage and as fast as possible, without consuming too much memory from your system.

There is a totally free version of Comicami, which will not get new features, but only bug fixes. I am working on the advanced version which will be available to buy, probably from the AmiSTore. That version will have a lot more features than the free one, which you can see at the TODO List below.



  • Resizeable page image, depending the window size
  • Sorted file list by filename
  • Buttons to jump to the next, previous, first, last pages
  • Shortcuts to jump to the next, previous, first, last pages
  • You can install it wherever you like
  • You can use it from CLI as from Workbench


Keyboard shortcuts

  • Next Page: RAmiga + .
  • Previous Page: RAmiga + ,
  • First Page: RAmiga + [
  • Last Page: RAmiga + ]
  • Open File: RAmiga + O
  • About: RAmiga + ?
  • Iconify: RAmiga + I
  • Quit: RAmiga + Q

Also, you can use the following shortcuts

  • Next Page: PageDown
  • Previous Page: PageUp
  • First Page: Home
  • Last Page: End

Comicami requirements

  • AmigaOS 4.1
  • xadUnFile in the path (comes with AmigaOS 4)
  • JPG and PNG datatypes (comes with AmigaOS 4)
  • xad_rar v.2.5

How to use Comicami

  • Copy the Comicami folder wherever you want and run it. Don't use it from CLI yet, as it still doesn't work as it should.
  • Comicami unarchives the comic books under Comicami:tmpcomic folder. You can delete the unrchived files whenever you want.
  • To setup the default icons read the following guide

Contact me

  • My name is George Sokianos and you can contact me at (walkero gmail com). I would be glad to hear that you use Comicami and your opinion on that.
  • If you find any issues or you want to propose a feature, please use the bugtracker ( and report them


  • Use better debugging methods, or a debug version
  • If the user selects to open the same comic file that is already open, then the program will use the same opened files
  • Create a progress bar / fuelgauge, when unarchive is executed. To develop this I need to know the number of the available files before the unarchive happens!
  • Enhance the thumbnails loading in the file list. Better scaling. Asynchronous loading. Fill the file list first with the file names and then show the thumbnails, for faster response
  • Add a slider when the image is bigger than the window
  • Make the window to remember it's size from the last time
  • Make the zoom buttons work
  • Create buttons with an automatic zoom for full width page. Fit-to-screen mode.
  • Add hint information
  • Localization
  • Find a way to not show the filenames in the files list
  • Internal XAD support. This will make xadUnFile unecessary.
  • Create a library folder, where the previously opened comics will be stored and listed. A menu item will be usefull for the user to choose which comic should be stored in the library.
  • The user might set the library folder, which should be scanned and used.
  • A cache folder for the thumbnails of the first pages is needed where should be stored only the comics which exist in the library.
  • Use SQLite to store info about the opened and available comics. This will be a requirement for the comic library
  • Before unarchive a comic, check if the folder tmpcomic exists, although xadUnFile should create it by it's own
  • Support comic files with password
  • Drag 'n drop support
  • Register application
  • Change the window title to have the name of the comic. A way to retrieve the name should be created
  • Add AmiUpdate feature
  • Update DefIcons of CBR/CBZ files to use Comicami
  • Prefs window or Tooltype support
  • Fullscreen mode.
  • Double page mode.
  • Integration of DB
  • Make the keyboard navigation shortcuts configurable
  • Make the thumbnails usage configurable

Thanks for their help and support

  • Andy (broadblues) Broad for his ideas and help
  • Paul (PJS) Sadlik for betatesting and ideas
  • Nick (Severin) Clover for his help to everyone in forums providing code examples
  • Fredrik (Salass00) Wikstrom for his help to everyone in forums providing code examples
  • Steven (ssolie) Solie for his help
  • Guillaume (zzd10h) Boesel for his help to everyone in forums providing code examples
  • Mike (mikeyb) Brantley for betatesting
  • Martin (Mason) Merz for the permission to use his AISS icons and for the design of Comicami icons


  • Logo by


v0.54 - free version : 2016-10-29

  • Added an icon when iconified
  • Fixed a bug when Comicami moved to an other screen, if the user closed it in that screen, the screen didn't close.
  • Now it works in older versions of AmigaOS 4.1 than Final Edition
  • If the tooltype 'AUTODELETE' is set, Comicami deletes the previous opened comic temporary folder, to save hard disk space.

v0.53 - First free version release : 2016-10-08

  • Now the user can start Comicami from CLI with a comic filename as parameter
  • Added a smaller logo image for the About window
  • If a comic's file icon has comicami set as deafult tool, with a double click opens in comicami and loads automatically

beta versions:

v0.52 : 2016-09-17

  • Now the loaded images resize according to the resizing of the window, respecting the aspect ratio
  • The buttons "Next page", "Previous Page", "First Page" and "Last Page" become disabled when they are not useable because of the selected page index. They are also transparent now.
  • Added a status bar at the bottom of the window, where necessary messages are shown
  • Added a scrollbar to the About window
  • Set the About window having a fixed height, removing the size gadget
  • Extra shortcuts added for the navigation buttons. Home key goes to the first page, End key goes to the last page, PageUp key goes to the previous page, PageDown key goes to the next page (mikeyb)

v0.51 : 2016-09-05

  • Added the menu items "Open", "Iconify", "About", "Quit"
  • Added menu items for pages "Next page", "Previous Page", "First Page" and "Last Page", with keyboard shortcuts
  • Created the "About" window, which opens from the menu.

v0.50 : 2016-09-03

  • Changed the way the comic files are given for extracting to the xadUnFile.
  • Enabled the navigation buttons "Next page", "Previous Page", "First Page" and "Last Page"
  • When a new comic is opened, then by default it shows the first page
  • Buttons fallback in case AISS is not installed. Use other images in buttons.
  • Send Comicami window to an other open screen through the popupmenu

v0.49 : 2016-08-28

  • Move to an other screen by the popup menu
  • Disabled not working buttons
  • Select comic files by the ASL requester
  • Unarchive the selected comic file under the "tmpcomic" folder on it's own folder, with a random name
  • Show thumbnails for each image in the file list
  • Show the selected image in the main part of the window
  • All the images are scaled
  • Use the minimum gfx memory possible
  • Automatic creation of the necessary assign
  • partially support of starting from CLI