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Welcome to ApproxWF, your companion for time-series data!

ApproxWF is a computer program to infer locus specific selection coefficients, along with the effective populations size, the mutation rate and sequencing error rates. To do so, ApproxWF implements the Mean Transition Time Approximation for Wright-Fisher models. This approximation, while very accurate, is computationally much more efficient than other approximations.

This Wiki explains the basic usage of ApproxWF. More details on the Mean Transition Time Approximation approach can be found in our publication:

Anna Ferrer-Admetlla, Christoph Leuenberger, Jeffrey D. Jensen & Daniel Wegmann (2016). An Approximate Markov Model for the Wright–Fisher Diffusion and Its Application to Time Series Data. Genetics 203:2 831-846

We also kindly ask you to cite this paper if you use ApproxWF for your analysis.

How to get started with ApproxWF

This wiki explains in detail how to use ApproxWF. The following pages are suggested for further reading:

Compilation and Installation

Launching ApproxWF

List of available tasks


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