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Welcome to levolution!

"levolution" is a computer program to infer the phylogenetic position and strength of evolutionary jumps along a phylogeny on any given morphological trait and any tree size. To do so, levolution will evaluate if the trait in question evolves according to Brownian motion (the null hypothesis) or under a jump process and then infer the position and strength of such jumps, together with other model parameters (e.g. root state, jump rate, variance under each model, etc).

This Wiki explains the basic usage of levolution. More details on the algorithm is found in our publication:

Pablo Duchen, Christoph Leuenberger, Sándor M. Szilágy, Luke Harmon, Jonathan Eastman, Manuel Schweizer & Daniel Wegmann (2017). Inference of evolutionary jumps in large phylogenies using Lévy processes. Systematic Biology.

We kindly ask you to cite this paper if you use levolution for your analysis.

How to get started with levolution

This wiki explains in detail how to use levolution. The following pages are suggested for further reading:

Compilation and Installation

Launching levolution

List of available tasks


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