Latest features

  • Take control with branch restrictions

    Branch restrictions is a new repository write permission that allows you to control who can commit to specific branches in a repository. Branch permissions are set on a per-repository basis by specifying a user or group who already has access to a given repository.

  • Audit logs gives you the who, what, when, and where

    When it comes to your account on Bitbucket, security and privacy is paramount — which is why we’ve added a full audit log for any changes made to personal and teams accounts. Changes made by yourself, or third party applications configured via OAuth will be recorded in the audit log.

  • No more +1s — Bitbucket Issues now has voting

    “+1″ comments — the quickest, easiest way for people to voice their agreement with a problem or idea. Unfortunately these comments tend to clutter the issue, and spam people with useless notifications. During our last ShipIt hackathon, one of our developers decided to do something about this and added voting capability to issues in Bitbucket!

  • Customize your avatar in Bitbucket (no Gravatar needed!)

    After over 700 requests to replace Gravatar from Bitbucket users like you, we’re excited to announce a new avatar picker in Bitbucket. Now you can upload and crop images to personalize your user profile and free private repositories.

  • SourceTree Git client for Windows 1.0

    We’re releasing version 1.0 into the wild today. Every developer knows that hitting 1.0 is a formative moment for every product, and we think we’ve got a cracking release for you to check out.

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