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Rename Group in Jira

How to configure the app?

The app has no configurations and works out-of-the-box.

Please don't forget about a valid license. Without it, users will see the following error message and not be able to rename the group


How to rename the group?

After enabling Rename Group in Jira app Jira Administrators will see one new button on the View Group pages:

Rename group button in Jira Server/Data Center

What checks are performed on group renaming?

Before renaming any group app perform the following checks:

  • If the user directory allows group renaming
  • Old group name should exist
  • Old group name should not be system (jira-administrators, jira-core-users, jira-software-users, jira-servicedesk-users, confluence-administrators, confluence-users, crowd-administrators)
  • Old group name should not have duplicates (duplicated group names not supported yet)
  • New group name should not exist
  • New group name should be less than 255 characters
  • Other technical checks

Where groups will be renamed

The app covers all known places in Jira software where groups could appear.

  • group table (cwd_group)
  • user-group relationship (cwd_membership)
  • groups who can access Jira (licenserolesgroup)
  • global permissions (globalpermissionentry)
  • project roles (projectroleactor)
  • permission schemes (schemepermissions)
  • shared filters and dashboards (sharepermissions)
  • issue security schemes (schemeissuesecurities)
  • agile board administrators (AO_60DB71_BOARDADMINS)
  • values of group picker and multigrouppicker(customfieldvalue)
  • conditions in workflows (jiraworkflows)
  • membersOf function in JQL filters(searchrequest)
  • notification schames (notification)
  • filter subscriptions (filtersubscription)
  • gadget prferences (gadgetuserpreference)

Regarding 3rd parties,
Currently, the app does not cover group renaming for other apps.

Call for vendors (Atlassian Marketplace Partners)

The app was designed to support as many as possible places to rename groups.

If your app(s) persist group names in custom places, please let me know.


There are two endpoints so far:

  1. Check if particular renaming could be done
  2. Do renaming


POST {baseurl}/rest/groups/latest/check

Request Payload
Response example
   "error":"Rename system groups is forbidden",


POST {baseurl}/rest/groups/latest/rename

Request Payload
   "oldName":"General Users",
   "newName":"All Employees"
Response example
      "oldName":"General Users",
      "newName":"All Employees"

Marketplace: Rename Group in Jira