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User Macro for Confluence Cloud provides an ability to dynamically register Macros in the Confluence Cloud. It's like on Server, looks better but has more limitations.

❗ Server templates DO NOT work here. We use another markup language based on handlebars. More about differences in Limitation.


  • CSS styling
  • AUI components
  • Handlebars JSON parsing
  • Contextгual variables: current Space, current Page, Current User
  • Confluence REST API v2 helpers. Provides an ability to retrieve data from the Confluence
  • Additional helpers (e.g. request)
  • User Parameters. Variables which value set by users on adding macro to a page
  • JS disabled by default, but could be enabled by emailing us 📨


Server User Macros were run directly on the application server and purely injected into the Confluence Page. Cloud User Macros generated on our server which can communicate with Confluence only via REST API. Also, they embedded into iFrame which has limited access to the original page.

Most of our limitations are done because of Atlassian Confluence Cloud architecture and security design 😔

❗User Macro cannot:

  • Run macros from Server / Data Center
  • Change styles of the original page. You cannot hide comments, or change menu appearance
  • You are limited by possibilities of REST API
  • Only GET method is supported. It's done to make macros a representation tool with no possibilities to affect the data state.


Installation is the same as for any other Confluence Cloud app. It is available from the Atlassian Marketplace and can be downloaded directly from the Universal Plugin Manager.

Just install it and be sure of the valid license applied (trial is also valid).

In case of license issues everything will work but with an additional warning banner:


Getting Started

To get started just install an app and open User Macros page (Confluence > Administration > User Macros).

There you will see two main tabs:

  1. My Macro. Macros that you have created, imported (as file), or copied from the Library. All of them are registered in your Confluence Cloud instance.
  2. Library. List of examples that you can look into or copy to your instance and adapt to your needs.

Create / Edit

On User Macro creation or edition you can see two tabs: Settings and Template.

Settings tab has following macro configurations:


User Parameters



Macro renders in a dedicated iFrame which goes to our server and generates static HTML as response. In case of errors in templates, an appropriate error message will be shown.

Do not hesitate to get support📨. We are eager to help you! (and learn/improve from your experience)

Macro Browser

All macros from "My Macro" page are also listed in the Macro Browser.


After saving you can add it to a page and see the result.

Or find it using /um-


❗If it's a newly created macro please update Confluence Edit Page with Crl+R (⌘+R for macOS). It will force the browser to reload the cached macros list.


Macros supported for exporting by default Confluence Export and other 3rd party apps (e.g. Scroll PDF Exporter).

Any visitor accessing a page via a public link will see a view-only version of that page, and Confluence will hide most of the content (page tree, macros, etc.) from it.

❗Therefore, our macro is not available on publicly shared pages.


All our examples are listed in the Library (Confluence > Administration > User Macros > Library)

Privacy / Security / GDPR / etc.

We do respect your data privacy and take care of it!

Application works in the AWS, Frankfurt (Germany). If you need another location we do support the Data Residency program. However, please write us apfront migration, so we can run a server in a needed location.

If you need to remove your data, just send a request to the support email (listed below).

Passing Cloud Fortified program is planned for this Spring.

For more details please refer to the appropriate links below: * Service-level agreement (SLA) * Privacy Policy * End-User License Agreement (EULA)

Future Plans

There are three main streams for improvements that we are working on:

  1. App Possibilities. Focused on
  • Increase confluence integration: Add Confluence REST API v1 support
  • Introduce Jira integration: add Jira REST API v3 support
  1. Improve usability
  • Code completion

For any further questions or assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out:

Marketplace: User Macro for Confluence Cloud Book a demo 📨 at any time