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Welcome to the Boson Subsidiary-Solver (BoSS) software repository v1.3 (February 25, 2022). v1.0 was published here on July 14, 2018 (Bastille Day). Click here for brief release notes.

For a short description of what this software does in ''layman'' terms, go here.

This software uses a ''subsidiary-boson'' or subsidiary-particle approach to approximately solve for the ground state electronic properties of an interacting electronic system described as an extended Hubbard model (these are also called slave-boson or auxiliary-boson methods). References to consult and cite if you use the software are, and (free slightly older version at

Please cite the above two works if you have used BoSS to publish your work.

To download the software suite with examples and documentation, you can either

  1. Click on "Downloads" on the left bar of this page and then download a copy of the latest and greatest, and/or

  2. To clone the git repository that will allow easy updating and commits, install the git package (if you don't have it already) and then issue the command line

    git clone

You will find more thorough documentation and examples once you download. The place to start is the README.pdf file in the "doc" directory. (Clicking on the README.pdf hyperlink in the previous sentence will take you to the file but in a useless way: download the PDF by clicking on "View raw"; yes, we agree, this is a very unintuitive feature of bitbucket).

If you have questions, comments, bugs to report, etc., please use the "Issues" method (also found on the leftside menu) to communicate to the developers. This is much better than emailing them since (a) it creates a log of questions and answers that can be searched and viewed by other users, and (b) it leads to a recorded and public log of what needs to be answered so we can keep track and not let your question become forgotten.