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Welcome to the Unit Class Library Project. This project is for anyone who wants to avoid the pain that comes with supporting imperial and metric units in their applications.

If you need help using any of the features or want to talk to someone, jump into our chat room!


For an overview of how this library works visit the Overview Page.

Get an overview of the basic types of unit classes: Unit Class Types.

Understand the basic anatomy of a unit class: Unit Class Template.

Use Unit Class Library in your Project

Reference the latest executable built from the master branch with this NuGet package.


Thank you! Where would we be without you, dear contributor? Thank you immensely for contributing. We ask that for the good of the project and the community, you adhere to the following guidelines.

How to get and submit the code: Obtaining and Submitting Code for Contribution.

Make your life easier, use a Recommended Programming Environment.

Write and run unit tests: Unit Test Standards.

Help sustain the project by following Documentation Procedures.

Please conform to our Coding Conventions regarding syntax.

For information regarding what needs to be worked on next visit the Road Map.


If you have found a bug, or have an issue you would like to discuss about the project add bug reports, feature requests, and other issues on our issue tracker.

More Information

To find answers to some of the other common questions that aren't as central to getting started, view the FAQ page.

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