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The following is a list of available script mods for Nuclear Throne Together.

For instructions on how to load them, see Loading mods. If you have any inquiries about (or trouble loading) a certain mod, feel free to ask for help on the official Nuclear Throne Discord server #mod_discussion channel.

If you click the download link and it takes you to a page full of code, right-click and then left-click save as to download the mod. You can also press CTRL+S to save the mod.

ATTENTION: Since this page had grown completely out of control, it was decided to move mod distribution to Here are some categories:

If you are author of one or more mods on this page, see "uploading mods" guide and remove your section(s) from the page once you have uploaded them to Itch - the plan is to have this page act as a category list once everyone have moved to Itch.



Developed by BioOnPC/Hitreg, this mod adds a playable Snowbot into the game. His passive subtracts 1 from all enemy contact damage- meaning you take 0 damage from maggots! His active is a charge, which is a high-speed dash that deals damage to enemies you come in contact with. You can turn while charging using the mouse.

Note; Dasher has been documented fairly well, and is meant to teach new coders how to code their own characters! Feel free to snoop.

download link

CoD Proper

Developed by BioOnPC/Hitreg, this mod literally just makes Crown of Death function with ALL explosions. As it should.

download link

Some Crowns

Just a set of *seven crowns you can use as examples if you're just learning how to mod in NTT, or if you just wanna play with them. Only crown of balance has custom graphics at the moment, so look at that one if you want to know how that works. I may make more crowns in the future but for now it's just these. -Yokin

Edit: Added crown of bullet hell to the list.

Crown of Balance : Double health of <35 HP enemies, half health of >34 HP enemies.

Crown of Bullet Hell : Everything shoots double projectiles.

Crown of Carnage : Normal enemies spawn as their elite variant, if they have one.

Crown of Dogs : Enemies with <30 HP can become wolves, enemies with >29 and <130 HP can become Dog Guardians, and enemies with >129 HP can become one or more Big Dogs.

Crown of Plague : Reduced enemy projectile damage, but enemy contact damage insta-kills.

Crown of Stamina : Rads are now health, 50 rads = 1 health.

Crown of Torment : Friendly projectiles do +2 DMG, difficulty increases by 3 every level.


Make everything small or big using the "/setsize" command, or delve into "/chaos" mode if you're feeling feisty. -Yokin

Video :

download link

Eternal labs.mod

by Blaac. ver.6 (Updated: March 26 2017)

image gif

you go through a heavily modified labs until you die. no levels other than labs. fully spritemodded. all cops spawns are replaced +others. after floor 7 bigger 'things' spawn and "elites" can spawn. custom enemies. endgame is sort of bossrushy

video: ( of version 1 video: ( of version 5

mediafire link


by Blaac.

A simple mod that starts you in the crib, sets the game difficulty(weapons) to where it would be at the start of loop 1, and sets it to loop 1. the TV has 1 hp and drops 3000 rads(level ultra). Leaving takes you to L1 1-1.

mediafire link


by 9joao6


HUDit is no more and no less than a customizable HUD! Just hit T while playing and you'll be able to move HUD parts around however you please.

download link (updated: 21st of Feb. 2017)


by 9joao6


Suggested by Saniblues and MasterLuigi, Piledriver is a mod that lets you piledrive enemies. UP-DOWN-LEFT-RIGHT or UP-DOWN-RIGHT-LEFT will stick you to a stance for a second where touching an enemy may mean death for them. Also, try the Konami code on a corpse.

download link (updated: 4th of March 2017) (reuploaded: 31st of August 2021, slightly earlier version of mod)

Flail Weapon

Developed by Jcoder and Sea Pig, This mod adds a new skill based but not aim based melee weapon. The flail can be placed using left click, and if you hold left click the flail is pulled towards you at a faster speed. It deals damage based on speed, so fling to your heart's desire!

download link (updated 2/21/17)

Nuclear Throne Corrupted

by Time


This mod changes some sprites, most weapons, bosses and some enemies into something more "Corrupted" (In the latest update YAL pretty much rewrote alot of this mod to make more accessible and compatible for later versions + some changes to weapons/sprites. So many thanks to YAL!)


download link Last updated : 6/2/2017

Ghost Players

by 9joao6


Players turn into Spelunky-style ghosts when killed!

download link (updated: 13th of May 2017) (reuploaded: 31st of August 2021)


by Morty

Adds new character bomber with ability to not take damage from explosions when at 2 HP and under (much like boiling veins), and ability to explode

dropbox download pastebin link (updated 30.04.2017)

Health HUD

by epicbob57

Ever wanted to know the health of enemies? Now you can! This mod adds health bars to your game!

Pastebin Snippet

Mod Download

gif gif

(Updated 6/30/2017)

Vi's mods

by ViTheGhost

Crown of Diversity

A single crown. Random weapons every level, appears L1 and beyond. Updated to fix an issue with only one player getting random weapons. Updated 3/14/17 to add art, made by Grispinne.

download link


adds memes

download link

Jammed Enemies

Adds jammed enemies, similarly to Gungeon, that have increased health and damage.

download link Updated 3/19/17 to rebalance, add more visual feedback and generally increase fun to be had (change log is at the bottom of the file)

Improved Airhorn

mony mony mony mony mony mony mony mony mony mony mony mony mony mony mony mony mony mony mony mony mony mony mony mony mony mony mony mony mony mothafucka

download link

Crown of Frog

by Flip'nflop (special thanks to Blaac for a bit of code)


Most enemies are replaced with frogs!

file download

snippet link


A handheld, weaponized Throne beam. Made by Yokin.


dropbox link

snippet link

Gun Allies

by 9joao6


Allies get one of your guns when spawning. What else could you want?

download link (updated: 13th of March 2017) (reuploaded: 31st of August 2021)

Gun Enemies

by 9joao6




download link (updated: 3rd of March 2017) (reuploaded: 31st of August 2021)

Enemy Allies

by 9joao6


What a stupid name for a stupid mod.

download link (updated: 3rd of March 2017) (reuploaded: 1st of September 2021)


by 9joao6


PvP is a Versus mod that puts you against your best friends in the depths of the wastelands. Who will be the true king?


  • /pvp_mutation_ban <mutation name> to ban a mutation

  • /pvp_weapon_ban <weapon name> to ban a weapon

  • /pvp_race_ban <character name> to ban a character

(All of the above commands also have an *_unban version, such as /pvp_mutation_unban <mutation name>)

  • /pvp_bosses to toggle boss spawns

  • /pvp_enemies to toggle enemy spawns

  • /pvp_idpd to toggle IDPD spawns

  • /pvp_text to toggle text rendering (useful for those experiencing framerate issues, such as Wine users)

  • /pvp_gamemode <gamemode> to choose a gamemode:

    • dm - Deathmatch
    • tdm - Team Deathmatch
    • ctf - Capture-The-Flag
  • /pvp_team_assign <player ID> <team ID> to assign a player to a team in a team-based gamemode

  • /pvp_respawns to toggle timed respawns (some gamemodes will override this)

  • /pvp_respawn <seconds> to configure the respawn timer

  • /pvp_hpgain to set how much health players gain per level

/revmode soft is highly recommended for this mod

download link (updated: 13th of May 2017, now works with more than 2P) (reuploaded: 31st of August 2021)


by Zein

A simple modlist for use in game. Includes 4 commands, /modlist, /crownlist, /skins, and /clearchat. Feel free to add/remove/edit any lines or descriptions to best suit you.

download link Updated: 4-15-2107, many more mods added.

Disc-o Fever

by YellowAfterlife

This mod aims to make disc weapons a risky-but-viable weapon class, completely changing (for the better) how disc collisions and bounces work, and adding a total of 14 new disc weapons - from somewhat-standard pistols, rifles and shotguns to "elemental" launchers to charge-action, homing, and auto-targeting cannons to the truly devastating Splinter Gun Disc Gun.

Is to be loaded via /loadtext discs.

download link

Upgraded Explosions

By MasterLuigi452

This simple mod allows all explosions to remove any bullets within its explosion radius. I always thought that default explosion not destroying projectiles was weird while Blood Explosions could.

Download Link here!

Brucepack v1.5

by Bruce Hill (@astonishedstag)

(Last updated: April 14, 2017)

A collection of rebalancing and quality-of-life changes to the game. A more detailed description of all changes, and links to individual files can be found on the Bitbucket repository. modpack download link | Bitbucket repository

I recommend pairing brucepack with Enhanced Projectile Style, Run from the Cops, Better Crystal Thronebutt, and Automatic Actives for maximum quality-of-life.


In order to compensate for the buffs below, brucepack ramps up the game difficulty by increasing enemy AI and projectile speed. This can be controlled with /difficulty (noob | normal | hard | nightmare). Difficulty and level info is drawn in the HUD. (Standalone mod)

Character Changes

Ally Names

Rebel allies have names. Also, you can use the command "/twitchallies <your username>" to make the allies use viewers' names. (Standalone mod)


Fish Can Dodge Roll

Fish can dodge roll! But if Fish rolls too much, he gets dizzy and his accuracy drops and he wobbles when he walks. (Standalone mod)



Robot and Chicken's actives prefer ground weapons. (i.e. right clicking will eat/throw any weapon you are currently standing on, instead of the weapon in your hand) (Standalone mod)


Rogue Insider

Rogue is stronger against IDPD. (Standalone mod)


Melting starts with 3 HP. (Standalone mod)


Plant can trigger its active ability midair to grow the snare from the seed's current location. The seed now mutually annihilates any projectile it hits. Pickups that touch the snare get sent to the player through the underground root system. Seed projectile speed slightly reduced. (Standalone mod)

Mutation Changes

Recycle Reflections

Recycle gland absorbs reflected bullets. (Standalone mod)


Euphoria slows the game when projectiles are nearby and speeds up reloading. Also sweet VFX. (Standalone mod)

Opener Mind

Open Mind gives 50% fewer Mimic spawns, 1 level better weapon drops, and a 5% chance of spawning YV chests. (Standalone mod)

Eaglier Eyes

Eagle Eyes shows chest/boss indicators, reveals mimics and assassins, extends view distance, gives better night vision, and no longer ruins shovel/melee weapons. (Standalone mod)


Penultimate Wish

Last Wish has 10% chance of activating on every portal. (Standalone mod)

Weapon Changes

Lightning Forks

Lightning forks outwards. (Standalone mod)

Bloodless Hammer

Blood hammer no longer damages the player when not at full health. (Standalone mod)

Offhand Reload

Secondary weapon reloads at 25% speed in the background. (Standalone mod)

Grenade Props

Grenades destroy maggots and weak props without detonating. This includes the cactus on 0-1. (Standalone mod)


Toxic gas does no damage until it hits a critical point. (Standalone mod)


Critical Nerfs

  • Maggots squish underfoot.
  • Flies have 25% less HP.
  • Buff Gator flak does 30% less damage.

(Standalone mod)

Varied Rebel Allies

by Blaac.

spritemod for rebel allies, 10 skins, number choosen randomly out of 12, if over 10 its the defualt skin


mediafire link

Ally Names when you hover over them

by Blaac.


over 5000 names from a census doc. doesnt account for how common the name is so you get some weird ones but it fits

mediafire link

Hyperrifle fires IDPD bullets

by Blaac. (edited may 11 2017: fixed a issue with multiplayer) video(



by Flowerborn

Rads, rad canisters (all kinds), and rad maggots are moni-fied when you play as YV. video

download link

Bomberman Explosions

by 9joao6


What it says on the tin.

download link (updated: 18th of March 2017) (reuploaded: 31st of August 2021)

Quad Wielding

by jsburg


A large buff to Steroid's Ultra A, creating a weaker copy of every projectile he shoots.



by Bitfluxgaming


A mod created with melting in mind. (Finally!) The weapon propels maggots at a high velocity, damaging enemies and covering the area with corpses, allowing you to make full, 24/7 use of your active.

The weapon is spawned in by typing /cwep Disgorger while at the character select screen

Weapon sprite by Grispinne and code by Bitfluxgaming.

download link

Crown of Limitless

By MasterLuigi452

A simple crown that is a prototype of X10 Crown of Destiny. Post loop crown that grants you 10 more mutations for you to mess around! Enjoy having almost all the mutations!

P.S. I think if you take it twice, the game will softlock.

Download Link

Some Coding Utilities

Not full mods, but these can be used to add functionality to your NTT projects. If you find a bug or have a suggestion for something (probably involving difficult math stuff), please message me. ~Ystem.

Code for Chains. Some code that allows you to link together two objects. They chains can have a repeated sprite set, and can be set to act like a rope or elastic band.

Linked Lists. This allows for the creation and manipulation of linked lists. Useful for things like keeping track of enemies that have already been hit by a piercing projectile. Note that portions of this mod are still in development and don't quite work yet.

I plan to add more in the future, and I am working on examples for the utilities I already have.

Total War

By Xaphedo

I took 9joao6's Gun Allies, Gun Enemies and Enemy Allies and merged them all together to form this beautiful, merciless monstrosity. Enjoy.

What this mod does:

  • Enemies with weapons (bandits, ninjas, crows, snipers) will spawn wielding area-appropriate weapons instead.

  • These same enemies, when killed, will wield your weapons and become your best buddies (Rebel style).

Some notes:

  • This mod makes the game much faster. You'll clean a level much faster, you'll level up much faster, you'll die much faster. Keep your reflexes sharp.

  • It may seem easy at times. It's really not. The moment you let your guard down you'll be annihilated by laser crossfire faster than you can say "that's bullshit!"

  • If you want to go hardcore, feel free to pick up explosive, toxic or disc weapons.

  • Unless you want to see the game suffer and grovel, try not to run around with multi-shot weapons (this includes shovels) in places with lots of weapon-wielding peeps.

  • There were a couple of annoying bugs, and I'm pretty sure I fixed them all. The only bug left (that I'm aware of) is one that delays the portal from opening by a few seconds if your last kill was "converted" into an ally. I couldn't figure out how the code for portal spawning actually works, so I wouldn't know how to fix it.

  • If you have bug reports or suggestions about the code, please let me know! I'm /u/Xaphedo on reddit.

Direct Download Link


run from the cops

by Blaac.

if there are cops the game will spawn the portal once all non-cops are killed. this makes it so you can avoid cops and you feel like you are running from the police instead of being forced to murder everything that comes after you. its something thats always bugged me about playing rogue.

mediafire link

Defpack 2.0

by Karmelyth & Jsburg


Adds ~ 100 new Weapons to the game, from the Bouncer Pistol to the Heavy Nuke Launcher(more or less balanced).

Dropbox link - updated on 9/30

Bandit Gun

By Bitfluxgaming

A small mod that allows you wield the weapon of the bandits, excellent for those that love a challenge and facing opponents on equal terms.

download link

better crystal thronebutt

by Blaac. updated june 02 2017

similar to crystals thronebutt in ideaot's Chaos mod

crystal will teleport as soon as you let go of mouse2. while there are 2 or more crystals both cannot teleport at the same time, *shrugs

update - now works correctly in multiplayer and works with custom skins

snippet link

varied crystal shields

by Blaac.


everytime you create a shield it can have a different sprite


does not work with bskin YET

mediafire link


Created by "sometimes opens gamemaker", with some help from YellowAfterLife. Scrambles areas, akin to The Void from The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+. Delirium not included. img img


Ally Gun

By Flip'nflop

Have you ever been playing as Rebel and thought "I wish I could spawn allies with every character"? Well now you can with the Ally Gun! For 1 easy payment of 1 HP any charater can spawn an ally!


Super Ally Gun

By Flip'nflop

Have you ever want to spawn a large amount of allies at once? Well now you can with the Super Ally Gun! you can now spawn 5 allies as any character for 4 HP!



By Blaac


Medi gun from team fortress 2

only useful with multiple players, the more the better (4p beta is cool)

heals fairly slowly. The beam is the Player's color. It will only consume ammo when it heals a Player. It will overheal players to 150% maxhp (poor melting :c). The overheal starts decaying after a little while. It starts droping somewhere around scrapyard.

/loadwep medigun

mediafire link


By Blaac


its a bow. as in bow&arrow. similar to the one in ideaot's chaos mod

full charged arrow deals about as much as a crossbow with scarierface

starts spawning in the desert

/loadwep bow

mediafire link

Crown of Farts

By PedroLeite

This simple crown makes some enemies explode when they die.

dropbox download (reuploaded: 1st of September 2021)

Cricket Bat

By: runingfromlions

You've got red on you.

A slightly better Sledgehammer, quicker and hits harder. probably not the most balanced, but its pretty fun.

[Updated: 4/30 fixed Damage being too low]


Download here

One HP Equality

By: Flip'nflop

You have one HP, all enemies have one HP. Good Luck.

A recreation of a gamemode in Erdeppol/Couch Potato's Ultra Mod


Bio's Minimods

By: BioOnPC

This is a little repository for various, minor mods that I've made, so I don't flood the mod list.

Pentuple Minigun

A simple weapon mod to reintroduce the Pentuple Minigun from the Community Remix.


Cube Guardians


This mod adds Cube Guardians (scrapped enemies from the Community Remix) as an elite form of the Palace Dogs, with a one in fifteen chance to spawn instead of any given Palace Dog.


Hammerhead Toggle

By Yokin

As requested by Line Pixel on the NT Discord, this mod makes hammerhead toggled by pressing the 1 key, rather than on all the time. Open the file and replace the key1 in the global.hammerkey = "key1"; part to one of the keys listed on this page if you prefer to use a different one:

Dropbox Download


By Morty

Enemies will now split into N other enemies M times (You can set N and M by yourself) Mod has some commands, so you can mess around with it


Dropbox download Pastebin link

Sky Bombs

By Yokin

Stuff falls from the sky.


Dropbox Download

Loop 3 Big Bandits

By simon with help from Jsburg

All bandits become big bandits by loop 3. Practically a meme, technically madness.



By Blaac

add all weapons with odd or no spawning condition to the normal drop pool

ion cannon, sentrygun, partygun, rougerifle, chickensword, blacksword, guitar, frogpistol, goldfrogpistol, goldnuke, golddiscgun, gungun, superdiscgun

ALSO renames "rouge rifle" and "chicken sword" to "IDPD rifle" and "sword"

mediafire snippet


By Blaac

replaces the jackhammers sprite and name to the chainsaw from before earlyaccess update 7

mediafire snippet


By Blaac

fire destroys web floors and melts ice floor

mediafire snippet


By Blaac

fire makes toxicgas explode into small explosions

mediafire snippet

tiny levels

By Blaac

much smaller levels. good for "i have 5 minutes and want to play a run", the size gets progressively larger

mod crown

touhou crown

By Blaac

players have a 2x2 pixel hitbox, enemies fire more bullets

mediafire snippet

explosions crown

By Blaac

corpses explode, i think someone made something simular before, shrugs why not upload it

mediafire snippet

Scale-able Levels

by Flip'nflop

A edit of Blacc's tiny levels mod, this mod allows you to scale the levels size

note: The higher scale settings will cause the game to lag at later loops.


Update: added presets

all characters play a sound with b

By Blaac

uses character's menuselect sound, snd_wrld for custom characters


Horror Gun

By MattFright

gif (doesn't actually use bullets, but uses rads instead)

This mod lets you squeeze rad beam out of an hostile horror (loop exclusive weapon)

download link (reuploaded: 1st of September 2021)

#Melting's "Melted" skin by Serious Headhunter by Serious Headhunter

Gives melting brand new skeletal-like skin.



Bill Cipher

A skin based on Gravity Fall's Bill Cipher

Credits: SnackerZ for sprites and portrait, Modded T (Me) for making it into a skin, adding sound effects, and adding sitting sprites.

Download: (

Horror Throne Skin

by Ahnock

Adds a C-Skin for Horror that makes it look like the throne. Throne starts with Rusty Revolver.


mediafire link

Bits of Ultra Mod

by YellowAfterlife

Updated on May 27, 2017.

Selective adaptation of Erdeppol's Ultra Mod' content for Nuclear Throne Together.

Adds 116 weapons and 4 characters (Atom, Guardian, Business Hog, Ol' Humphry).

Unzip into "mods" directory and do /load ntu to load.



Stats and template code is included for the rest (~120) of NTU-specific weapons, but you'll have to implement custom projectiles for them (personally, I ran out of free time).

Character-related code is reasonably commented and should be easy enough to tweak for balancing purposes.

Hopefully this proves a decent learning resource.

Crystal's "Ice" Skin

by Uralap44

Crystal now made of ice.


( UPDATE - Shield now create debris.

BoUM Dark Sword addon

by juh9870 image

This mod fix and enables Dark sword from Bits of Ultra Mod.


1: Install Bits of Ultra Mod

2: Extract this mod to "ntu" folder with replacement



by nade_


in this mod you can farm strawberries,corn,tomatoes,garlic and oranges.

download link

The Struggle

by YellowAfterlife


An objective-based mod for Nuclear Throne.

Instead of "looping till you die", the objective is to reach a specific loop (by default L1, adjustable via /thestruggle-loops) with every character.

Once you do that, the completed character is locked and will appear in the LX campfire area on subsequent playthrough.

The game is completed when the area has been reached with every character. Characters are then unlocked and stats (time, attempts) are shown.

Compatible with majority of mods, including custom weapons and custom characters.

Compatible with local and online multiplayer. Saves progress on PC of whoever loaded the mod.

download link

Some Weapon Pack

by PapaDroppa

Holy crap I finally updated this thing. This mod, being my first mod ever created, adds around 21 new weapons into the game, and replaces sprites for many things such as the Machinegun, Grenade Launcher, Rebel's Allies, etc. It also adds in 3 new skins into the game, Officer Fish, CL4P-TP Robot, and Steampunk Robot. If you find any bugs, you can always find me on Steam or Discord (PapaDroppa and PapaDroppa#8403 respectively)

download link

Playable "popoFreak" v.2.0

by Uralap44

Character Freak, can throw grenades at cost hp, can revive one time, less accuracy.

Now with all that icons, and tweaked bugs.


If you see a bug, contact me in discord Uralap44#5265

Gungeoneer character

By juh9870 image

This mod adds gungeoneer character that use blanks as active ability and have some armor


Procedurally Generated Weapons API

by 9joao6

An API for you to create your own PGW weapons based on different, interchangeable, animatable weapon parts!

The mod itself does very little, but is required by other mods.

There is also an update by Toastline, which adds several useful features, for players and mod-makers, and is fully compatible with mods made for the original version.

Install: drop the pgw folder which is inside the zip file into your mods folder

Starting the mod:

/loadtext pgw

download link (updated: 23th of June 2017) (reuploaded: 31st of August 2021)

Toastline's update (updated: 10th of July 2017)

Borderlands 2 Weapons mod

by 9joao6


Because weapons without a brand are as trustworthy as a mutant without a mouth!

Featuring well-known brands, such as the powerful Jakobs, the explosive Torgue, or the other-worldy Maliwan!

Present Chests are replaced with gambling machines that take rads for weapons!

Requires the Procedurally Generated Weapons API

Install: drop the contents of the zip file into your pgw folder

Starting the mod:

/loadtext pgw
/loadtext pgw/bl2

Weapon and splash art by Elkopolo!

download link (updated: 23th of June 2017) (reuploaded: 31st of August 2021)

IDPD Weapons mod

by 9joao6

IDPD Chests are replaced with IDPD gambling machines that take rads to generate random IDPD weapons!

Requires the Procedurally Generated Weapons API

Install: drop the contents of the zip file into your pgw folder

Starting the mod:

/loadtext pgw
/loadtext pgw/idpd

download link (updated: 23th of June 2017)

Wasteland+ Weapons Mod

by Toastline

Would you like to see what a Quadruple Assault Lightning Minigun would be like? This mod gives you procedurally generated weapons within parameters similar to what you'll find in the base game. If you already use the BL2 big weapon chests, replace them with the one included here (You won't need to keep the old one; this one is backwards-compatible).

Requires Toastline's update to the Procedurally Generated Weapons API

Install: drop the pgw folder which is inside the zip file into your mods folder

Starting the mod:

/loadtext pgw
/loadtext pgw/wlp

download link (updated: 10th of July 2017)

"RaFeL" - SpriteMod

by Uralap

RaFeL Clearly sprite mod, changes some sprites, to something more (insert word)

And spam in chat Capitan's health.



/loadmod RaFeL/RFL



by Uralap

REMEMBER THAT PLAYABLE "POPOFREAK" MOD? (i updated it download new vers pls)


ULTRAS IS A PURE EVIL download (reuploaded: 1st of September 2021)

Uralap44#6819 for contact

Adlumia's Mods

SAVED! Sprites

There's a lot of mistakes on various sprites. This mod fixes all of those mistakes.


New Bandits

By Tech_Penguin

Spritemod that give Bandits a little bit of variety. gif



By 晒死JS

image image

Make player and the monster overpowered. The real game starts on L1! This mod will often updates. The current version is v0.52. download

Infinite Throne Mod

By TheMysticSword


You start with 2 random weapons and Level Ultra. After choosing the mutations you get to 7-3. By destroying the generators and the Nuclear Throne you get back to 7-3 again, but the loop increases.

Some of the ultra mutations were changed because of being useless.

/loadmod infthrone


Ammo Sharing v2

By Zandra

This mod, when loaded, basically gives you the ammo sharing ultra mutation at all times. It also gives you the option to enable health sharing too.

The command /enableSharedHP will enable HP sharing. /disableSharedHP will disable it. Case-sensitive.

I haven't tested how it works yet with the actual mutations, so it's recommended you take the normal ultra mutations. Also, for some reason after so many packs spawn on the level, they start REALLY laggin' the game. So be careful. I used a lot of code from Crowbar's "Individual Pickups" mod, so thanks to him for that.


v2.2: User Jsburg fixed an issue where the mod would throw error codes upon picking up items in NTT version 9940.

v2.1 : Fixed debug code still being in the mod, including a debug message when HP packs are created.

v2 : Added shared HP

v2.2 download v2 download

Shotgun God skin

By Nautsy

square yv screenshot.png

This is just a stupid skin mod of that square gun god (how original...) maybe some day i will update the portrait, i dunno.

/loadtxt square