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sbbdep (Slack Build Binary Dependencies)

The tool for exploring binary runtime dependencies on Slackware and Slackware based systems.

In general Slackware users know very well about the advantages of having a package management that does not care about dependencies, but sometimes it might be useful to get information about which file or package depends - or is needed by - others, especially for binary dependencies.

sbbdep is a command line tool that analyses the system for binary runtime dependencies of dynamic linked files and provides the following main functionality:

  • support queries for installed packages, single binary files (and package-folders)
  • provide different query modes
    - what are the dependencies of the given files/package
    - what depends on given file/package
  • has different report formats
    - a summary list of package names or a
    - detailed report with detailed file to file dependency information
    - short report to produce *.dep files like some tools use them
  • does its task very fast
    a complex and large package like gimp sbbdep can report all binary dependencies within less than one second.
  • can be used to generate a dependency file in a build script
    sbbdep works also on directories but this makes only sense for make install DESTDIR targets.


Installation: How to install sbbdep.

Overview: A quick introduction and examples that show how sbbdep works.

Help: Detailed reference for sbbdep and its options.