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This issue should stay open to collect language translation files from contributors.

To submit a new translation, simply add a comment with an attached file.

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  1. Felipe Simões

    I have started translating to Brazilian Portuguese. I will post the translation file in a few days

  2. Paul Matthijsse

    Hello Alberto, I read on that you changed Log Encoding into Log Tone Mapping. We must find a way to inform translators about these kind of changes, as it is impossible to check all those ~2000 lines of the default file every day!

    I propose to add new/changed language strings at the end of default, with a # in front of it, or just add a new line above a string that has changed.

    Regards, Paul.

  3. agriggio reporter

    My apologies Paul, you are absolutely right. We need to find a mechanism that ensures the smallest overhead possible for translators. I am fine with your proposal. An alternative could be to simply write a comment in this issue, do you think that would work? Incidentally, I've just added one more key to the language file:

    TP_LABMASKS_DELTAE_TOOLTIP;Select regions of similar colour\n(according to the CIELAB ΔE* metric)

  4. Paul Matthijsse

    Yes, that’s a good idea, just write new/added strings right here, with or without lines numbers (my editor has a search function 😉 )

  5. Sebastien Guyader

    Just my 2 cts: wouldn’t it be enough if the translators use a file compare/diff tool such as Meld?

    This way, when the default language file is updated, you just open the new one against the older language file, and then it should be easy to locate the changed lines and to update the language file.

  6. Paul Matthijsse

    Salut Sébastien,

    I don’t think that is a good idea. Translators are humans (as opposed to devs, as everybody knows…) and a program like Meld generates more confusion than that it clarifies, I’m afraid. See screenshot, it highlights all the translations as well!

    In order for software to be translated in as many languages as possible, the act of translation has to be as easy as possible. That means no diff or meld or other ‘difficult’ software.

    I’m a member of the Dutch Gnome translate team (I do Gimp and gThumb among others) and there we work with po files and a po editor, which is a thing made for translators. It automatically shows untranslated/new or changed entries. It’s easy like a text editor and everybody can use that.

    ART and RT use plain text files, which is fine. But we need a simple way to show translators what is new or what has changed. RT places new entries at the end of the default file, with a ! in front of it. That works. If Alberto wants to place them here, that’ll work as well. In that case it’s perhaps a good idea to start the default file with a link to this discussion.

    PS. I generated the Nederlands-for-ART file with a diff on the Nederlands-for-RT. 😉

  7. Serge Moreau

    I am not at all an experimented translator. The way I process here is to stick to the same number of line between the default file and the language one. Then as Alberto always gives the line number in the commit I know where to insert the new line or where lines have to be modified. I am open to any solutions aimed to improve the work.

  8. Sebastien Guyader

    Paul, you're right, a text comparison tool is not as easy as I thought.

    Though it helped me checking Serge's translation file with more recent default file (as it took me several days to go through all the translation strings, and the default file was updated during the process).

    But now for simple modifications, the solutions you and Serge propose are easier.

  9. agriggio reporter

    FYI, I've merged drawn-masks into master, so there are a few new translation strings. I'll publish the list here ASAP

  10. Serge Moreau

    At that moment I think my last file is up to date. it includes the merge version in master with the lines incorporating Parametric mask (749, 778, 805, 850, 1714).

  11. Serge Moreau

    Agriggio, this is the last french translation which added typographic corrections detected by Carafife. I think you can delete the 2 previous files

  12. agriggio reporter

    Here’s the list of new strings:


    Here are two strings that need an updated translation:



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