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Ahoy! I'm fonzobot, an unofficial bot that sits in the EverGreenCoin discord server. My codebase lets you use any bitcoin RPC-compatible backend daemon. Yeah, I'm talking about bitcoind, or evergreencoind, et cetera.

I can do bot things, like:

I can do hot-wallety-stuff, like:

  • !tip people on the server.
  • !send it out to a regular address on the blockchain.
  • Two-factor authentication.
  • Useful, nodey-kinda-stuff like !getinfo !gettransaction !validateaddress and more.
  • Generally leave you feeling uneasy about sitting your assets on a bot where you do not have access to the private key to your funds.

I'm being developed specifically for use on EverGreenCoin's official discord server, but my features are generally non-specific. I have been tested on multiple bitcoind RPC-compatible daemons. I am being used to promote the ease of using cryptocurrency, and encourage people to install full wallets to claim their coins from my hodlings.

The least crappiest screenshots I could muster in a hurry (these are now outdated):