12 days of CI/CD

With the holidays in full swing and 2019 coming to a close, we often use this time to reflect on everything that has happened in the past year. In software development, 2019 saw CI/CD cement itself as an integral part of every team’s development cycle. Teams now rely on CI/CD to orchestrate the process of delivering value to customers from commit all the way to deployment.

Since its launch a few years ago Bitbucket Pipelines has seen incredible growth in usage, with build minutes doubling this year to almost 6 million used per week. In 2019 we focused our attention on supporting different workflow requirements from both a testing and deployment perspective, as well as helping teams configure and maintain their CI/CD workflow with ease with Pipes.

In the spirit of the holiday season we want to celebrate all things CI/CD, so from now leading up to the end of the year we’ll be focusing on content around CI/CD and Pipelines, featuring recaps, use cases, competitions, new feature announcements and more. Think of it as the 12 Days of CI/CD, if you will!

New content will appear on the Bitbucket blog and added below, so check back here for updates and follow us on Twitter to find out more.

Happy holidays from the Bitbucket team!

12 Days of CI/CD